LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 3 #3: "Sequels are Always Worse" [3/6]

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 17:42:55 PST 2020

On 11/10/20 1:19 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> Spending hours and hours 
> playing with the settings of the shipping program, losing all track of the 
> external world, she fell asleep at the keyboard.

Also relatable.

> Romantic Innuendo wore a gorgeous red sequin dress, crimson opera 
> cape, a fedora and a similarly sequined domino mask. She looked a bit like an 
> amalgamation of Carmen Sandiego and Doctor Hurt. DNSDaemon, meanwhile, was 
> wearing a natty suit which was burning just a little on the coattails.

SUCH good costumery.

> "I always dress for the occasion!" Romantic Innuendo said, billowing out her 
> cape. Catalyst Lass had to admit she was impressed.

Speaking of goofy '90s Doctor Who stuff

> Using DNSDaemon's techno-daemonic powers, it was trivial to 
> install a cursed virtual reality machine in the Tunnel of Love."
> "I dunno, that still sounds like a lot of work," said Catalyst Lass.


> "You were planning, of course, to use the shipping algorithm to find the best 
> person to pair each of your teammates with. I, of course, did the 
> opposite--finding the match that was the absolute worst. They were hoping for a 
> delightful celebration. I gave them the worst day of their lives, and you helped."

DUN DUN DUNNNN!! That's such a great emotional attack.

> Miss Social-Cues 
> was trying and failing to have a conversation with Bad-Timing Boy.


> Catalyst Lass didn't spend a lot of time questioning herself. Other people she 
> knew had huge bursts of motivation which then fell out from other them when they 
> were hit by belated anxiety or started questioning themselves, and  were back to 
> square one. She'd been able to coast by on her intense, unstoppable motivation 
> for her entire life. And she'd been moving from success to success, unable to 
> even imagine doing anything wrong. And now she had.

Hahahaha owwww the ADHD feels @@;;;

> Romantic Innuendo traced her finger across Catalyst Lass's cheek. "Now are you 
> ready to admit I've won?"

VERY kinky.

> "Do you? I'm--really cute--" but it didn't work. She was keeping a cheerful face 
> on it even now. But her confidence, her fundamental faith in herself, was gone.

Must huuuuuuug

> (Through all this, DNSDAemon said nothing. They usually appeared to their allies 
> and enemies as a hulking, silent presence. In fact, they had a lot of social 
> anxiety, but (except for Anti-Christ Lad) no one noticed because they were a 
> demon.)

X3 I love this.

> "Come on," said Token Girl. "I thought we used up all the passive-aggressive 
> sniping after the last three times we tried dating."
> "Yeah, yeah," said Sarcastic Lad, which was the closest he ever came to saying 
> "I'm sorry."

Excellent character work.

> "Romantic Innuendo, huh? Everything about this screams her. She wouldn't know 
> subtlety if it hit her over the head with a croquet bat screaming 'Look at me! 
> I'm subtle!'"


> They were dancing to "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" by Boyz II Men, 
> one of the huge hit songs of 1992, because if there was one thing this Writer 
> loved it was really hammering in the Themes. Token Girl angersighed. "This is 
> almost as bad as that scene in the church in Face/Off!" she said.
> "I know, right? What were all those doves doing there?" he laughed.
> "I guess that's what it sounds like when doves cry," said Token Girl.

:D :D :D I love you so much.

Drew "he took his face... *off*" Nilium

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