LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 3 #3: "Sequels are Always Worse" [2/6]

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Thu Nov 12 17:32:16 PST 2020

On 11/10/20 1:18 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> "What are you doing here?" Doctor Stomper had always assumed that Occultism Kid 
> was somewhere on the aromantic/asexual spectrum. He certainly wasn't someone who 
> ever got involved in Valentine's Day celebrations.
> "Well, I wanted to figure out if this was a trap, and this was the only way to 
> find out."
> Dr. Stomper nodded. "That's relatable."


> "I guess I was assuming I'd be paired up with Obscure Trivia Lad. We're... sort 
> of queerplatonic, I suppose."


> "I suppose it is," he said through gritted teeth. "The difference between magic 
> and science, especially in superhero universes, is between different modes of 
> genre. I've written papers about this."

It's true!

> "One of the powerful driving energies of storytelling," said Dr. Stomper, "But 
> when it builds up excessively, it can be a problem to manage, eroding the kind 
> of friendships of superheroes which are key to the narrative of this kind of 
> universe. Furthermore, conflict need not be the only source of storytelling 
> structure--"
> "I know that," snapped Occultism Kid.

This is such a good combination of meta and text. Like, this is how meta should 
be. :D

> "We had better shut this all down before they start talking about Looms," said 
> Occultism Kid. Dr. Stomper had only been peripherally involved in Doctor Who 
> fandom in the 90s, but he suppressed a full body shudder.

X3 Ahhhhhh, a lovely throwback to the discourse that we've moved far enough past 
to joke about.

> This 
> situation has a strong aura of  virtual reality device--"
> "--or a spell," said Occultism Kid.
> "Or a spell, I *suppose*," said Dr. Stomper.
> "It's a demonically-infused virtual reality machine," said Mashup Laq.


> "Oh that's easy. I'm still trapped in the infernal virtual reality subroutine; 
> my body is stuck dancing with Gets-Annoyed-When-Writers-Mix-Different-Genres 
> Lad.

X3 X3 X3

> But the silver lining is since I'm stuck in this--literally--infernal 
> machine, I have the powers of anyone who's in here in my database and don't have 
> to touch them. An unpredictable reaction of the daemonic techno-magick with my 
> powers, I guess."
> "Or authorial convenience," said Doctor Stomper.
> "I was going to say," said Occultism Kid.

Hey, if it works it works. :D

> "Anyway. I fused the powers of Multi-Tasking Man and the late Scary Ghost 
> Lass--who isn't here but whose biodata traces I guess are tied to this amusement 
> park because it naturally attracts ghosts--

There ya go!

> to become Multi-Haunting Ghost, 
> meaning I can send out ghost duplicates to move freely around here.

OF COURSE. :D I love how you use their powers.

> There 
> doesn't seem to be a natural exit from this place, though. No doors, no windows, 
> no anything. I tried glitching outside but it's all just corrupted repetitions 
> of the same tiles."

That's nice and video-game-spooky. :D

Drew "creepypasta" Nilium

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