LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 3 #3: "Sequels are Always Worse" [1/6]

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On 11/10/20 1:17 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> #3: "Sequels are Always Worse"
> A St. Valentine's Day emotional massacre by Jeanne Morningstar


> But she was starting to feel a little weird and vulnerable. She was sending so 
> much energy out into her LNH teammates she was worried about losing it herself. 
> And she was most of what was keeping the team afloat, so if she fell apart, that 
> was it.

Ha ha that's not familiar at all @-@

> And, stuck in quarantine, she was alone with her thoughts and struggling with 
> big-time guilt and frustration feelings she'd been putting off by constantly 
> throwing herself into doing something.


> For one thing, she felt partially responsible for this whole mess. She'd 
> actually got the writers into writing LNH again. Noticing the lull in the 
> activity, she'd got Doctor Stomper to build a machine that would send her 
> catalytic energy out to the Writers to get them to start writing again. And it 
> had worked! Of course, the problem with that was that it meant that things were 
> happening. Way, way too many things.

Ah yes, the part of Cat that's me X3

> She'd been determined to get an honest 
> to goodness decent girlfriend for Token Girl, her best friend who was just 
> starting to really come to terms with being queer, whatever it took.

Of course. :3

> Much bigger ideas than just helping her friend. It had been a long time now 
> since the first Valentine's Ball, one of the high points of the LNH. Many old 
> characters who were central to the LNH had left since then for one reason or 
> another, but there were a lot of new characters and new dynamics, which meant 
> new opportunities for shipping.  And of course shipping was crucial for getting 
> on board new readers. What if they had another Valentine's Ball?
> She'd been tempted to laugh, just a little bit maniacally, as the plan took 
> shape in her mind...

I love Cat. X3

> Doctor Stomper was sitting at his lab--
> "Wait a minute," said Masterplan Lad, who along with Chaos Theory was watching 
> all the flashbacking from atop the Net.ropolis Bandshell. [as seen in many and 
> various issues of Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!] "I though this flashback was from 
> Catalyst Lass's point of view--"
> "Shhhh." Chaos Theory put their finger on Masterplan Lad's lips. "Shhhhhhhh."

Yessssss. X3 Love how you worked in this joke.

> Doctor Stomper was sitting at his lab. He was engaged in penetrating the abyss 
> of the Deep Omnilooniverse (it was impossible to describe some of his 
> experiments in a way that didn't sound double-entendreish sometimes).


> The idea was that, as a mad scientist, 
> he had a tendency to disastrously miss the obvious and she could help point it 
> out to him. He knew the sorts of tropes that 60s science-based characters tended 
> to fall into--from Reed Richards building a Negative Zone prison to Beast 
> torturing people in X-Force--and wanted to make sure he stayed away from that.

This is super sweet.

> In fact, their connection went a lot deeper than most people knew--Sister 
> State-the-Obvious had been one of the first Brotherhood of Net.Villains, and 
> Doctor Stomper's saving her life was one of the things that lead to her changing 
> sides.

Love that idea. <3

> SSTO's situation was the kind of thing that was rooted in behind-the-scenes 
> drama, but which was kept around because of the way it could be use to comment 
> on wider comic tropes.

Yesssss. :D

> She yanked him away from his machines and pushed him against the wall, 
> kabedoning him.


> She looked him in the eyes and frowned. "You need to go to sleep this 
> exact moment."
> "Ah, er, yes, I suppose I do. Thank you." Dr. Stomper smiled and then collapsed 
> right onto the floor and started snoring like a buzzsaw.

Cute. :3

> "I am? ...Now what's this?" he asked, feeling the envelope in his hand.
> "I don't know," said Mashup Laq. "These all just kind of... appeared in our 
> hands just now. I'm seeing reports of this from all over the LNHQ. It's cool! 
> But also kind of creepy!"

It's *so* cool. :D I love that kind of spectacle.

> In the end most of the LNHers made the same decision. They weren't going to 
> leave a plot hook with a juicy plot worm affixed to it alone, even if that plot 
> hook was being wielded by a plot fisherman with decidedly lethal intentions, not 
> the catch-and-release sort.

That's so well-put :3

> The Abandoned Amusement Park had been abandoned as long as anyone remembered. It 
> had been far more popular as a site for net.villain schemes and hauntings than 
> it had ever been as an actual amusement park. It was kept around because it was 
> safer to leave a place the various ghosts, ab-natural beings, slendermen, etc. 
> could haunt rather than letting them overrun the city itself.

Defunctland presents...

> "Ah yes, Lynchian surrealism," said Doctor Stomper. "An interesting party theme."
> He was sitting on a chair, and turned to face the person beside him. He was not 
> expecting it to be Occultism Kid


Drew "this gets into it pretty quick" Nilium

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