LNH: Another LNH Title? Really? #10: "A Missing Scene from the Valentine's Ball"

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Sat Nov 7 20:39:46 PST 2020

On 11/7/20 7:48 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> Another LNH Title? Really? #10:
> "A Missing Scene from the Valentine's Ball"
> A  kind of HHS tie-in if you squint, by Jeanne Morningstar

:3 :3 :3 I have already given feedback, but this is extremely good

> She staggered and weaved into where her friend was standing by Invisible
> Incendiary. "Hey, you, pretty lady. Come here. We should dance."

This is so cute

> Cat stood up and, hesitantly, walked over toward Tara. She wrapped her
> arms around her and stagger-danced with her slowly as "Can You Feel the
> Love Tonight" came on. They were both laughing uncontrollably at first,
> their fingers wrapped together, but stopped, looking peacefully into
> each other's eyes. They said nothing. Then Tara found herself tripping
> over and collapsed to the floor, still holding Cat in her arms. They
> were both laughing again. "OK, that's probably enough dancing for you,"
> said Cat, helping her off the floor.


> "Objection!" said Nit-Pick Lad. "The Lion King soundtrack doesn't come
> out for another four months!" But they didn't notice or care.

X3 yessss

> "Hey, Frat Boy." Token Girl lightly punched him on the shoulder again.
> "Let's make a deal. I'll make out with Cat... if you make out with *a
> guy!*" There were gasps all over.
> "You know what, I"ll do it!" said Frat Boy. "It'd be hilarious. A
> totally funny joke. It's funny because I'm actually completely straight.
> I really am. Really." He reached out to find someone to make out with,
> but instead toppled over with his chair. "Never mind..."

X3 <3
> "I was pretty much totally blacked out to the end there. Did I do
> anything embarrassing?"
> "No." Cat smiled wistfully. "Not at all."

eeeeeeeeeeee <3

> (It was also kinda funny that Jeff and Jameel split the character for
> shipping reasons as well, and the ultimate outcome of that is not
> something anyone in the early 90s would have anticipated.)

Drew "yessssssss" Nilium

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