LNH: WikiLull Visions #1: "dEbug mEnu (glitch rEmix)"

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 16:10:20 PST 2020

The LNHQ had become a dream.

o/~ dEbug mEnu (glitch rEmix) o/~

Thousands of possible futures were frozen in quantum superposition at a single
point. The planetary transreality nexus had opened up fully, linking possible
futures and impossible pasts into a scintillating explosion. Every person who
had been inside was frozen between possibilities; no being could occupy enough
of their own possible existences to even be aware of what was happening.

Well. No being except one.

Multi-Tasking Man existed, existed, existed, existed, existed and existed. He
stretched his ability to do multiple things to the limit, filling each "thing"
with the word "be", and Was. And in the endless shuddering brightness of
possibility, he Listened.

He had always known that the LNHQ was alive. Doctor Stomper produced reams of
scientific papers on its behavior and unique dimensional properties, and had
written two pop-science books about it - with a third due to come out next
February, if the world survived this. Multi-Tasking Man had read them all,
because his friend loved feedback, but he'd never had to. He'd been able to
*feel* it, the first day he came and sat down in the Monitor Room, back when it
was all VIC-20s and SunStations with CRT monitors in amber and black.

When you were doing five things at once, you got a sense of how different things
interacted, how one thing influenced another in unexpected ways, what the
personality of the system beneath was like. And the personality of the LNHQ was
more *aware* than any system he'd ever touched - more responsive, but often in
unexpected ways, ways that sometimes felt helpful, sometimes felt mischevious,
and sometimes felt like... like some ancient, enormous *hunger*.

Mutli-Tasking Man knew that, fundamentally, the LNHQ kept the LNH around because
they satisfied some deep, cosmic need. And he was okay with that. He'd always
been service-oriented.

And now the LNHQ was truly in need. It turned to him, not because of sentiment
from their years working with each other, but simply because he was the only
one able to do anything. And he accepted that, and opened himself to its higher
dimensions, and there was a burst of brilliant orange light shooting off to the
far corners of the narrative.

And Multi-Tasking Man existed.
And Multi-Tasking Man existed.
And Multi-Tasking Man existed.
And Multi-Tasking Man existed.
And Multi-Tasking Man existed.
And Multi-Tasking Man existed.
And Multi-Tasking Man existed....


Author's Note: Since we've been posting a bunch of new retroactive WikiLull
chapters, I thought I'd make a series for them! This one's going to be
important for Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!

Drew "plus I have all this writing of mine I like to share" Nilium

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