LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #6.66

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Mon Nov 2 05:48:03 PST 2020

On 11/2/20 1:37 AM, Drew Nilium wrote:
> On 11/1/20 10:54 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> <snip>
>> Heh.  I've gotten the impression that the Ultimate Ninja is embraced 
>> to his cause yet willing to bend it, as witness his striped 
>> outerwear.  I have inferred he is stern but understanding, at least of 
>> people who share his cause. 
> And this is also a valid take. It seems like we all had different ideas 
> of who the Ultimate Ninja was... I'd expect that a lot of the other 
> writers who've taken him on would have different ones too.
> Drew "mine were always significantly inspired by Jamie Rosen's first 
> couple of issues of LNH v2" Nilium

Very true. I feel like all this is something I can address better in a 
story than in a post, so I'll try and work that into a discussion in my 
next issue. (I suspect the way I'm using UN Is another thing that will 
make more sense when I have more Retcon Year out, but.)

I do think a lot in general about different character takes. For 
example, I tend to think of Plotchopper as this eerie, horrific figure 
and Drew thinks of him as a big nerd. These absolutely can work together 
though, that's part of why the LNH is so great.

Jeanne Morningstar

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