LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #174: Beige Midnight Part Ten

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Sun Nov 1 13:07:12 PST 2020

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> On Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 4:11:37 PM UTC-5, Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> > He rotated the shot glass and watched as the scotch swirled around the 
> > glass.  Was he going to drink it?  
> Whenever mangoes are ripe
> Should be easy enough to research 
> >No.  Not this time.  Maybe 
> > afterwards.  Irony Man glanced at his golden Rolex watch.  Not so gold 
> > now.  Like everything else -- 
> Stephanie Winston WOlfowitz wrote a whole thing in her book "Melania and Me", about how Trump has always worn a Rolex President, just like Lyndon Johnson, to give the impression of wealth.  I guess men check out each others' watches.  She said Melania used to be 24K and she is now only gold plated shell.
> mk5000
> And he would start to conduct his frantic silent
> sonatas.
> Our lessons went like this. He would open the book and point to different things, explaining, their purpose:
> "Key! Treble! Bass! No sharps or flats! So this is C major! Listen now and play after me!"--Two Kinds
> by Amy Tan

Good to know that the AI-bots that will enslave all humans have finally gotten around
to reading Beige Midnight.

Arthur "Not a Bot!" Spitzer

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