LNH20: Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #22

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Thu May 21 21:33:44 PDT 2020

On 2020-05-21 16:21, Drew Nilium wrote:
> Princess Caramella gave Asma a confident smile that highlighted her 
> single large fang, and wiped the sweat off her brow. "We're
> shellebrating the finale of She- Ra with a cutthroat battle!"
> "A super sexy one!" said Panta, holding her sword lazy to the side,
> tip twitching in time with her tail.
> "Oh. Uh." Asma eyed one, then the other. "Well, you're, um, you both
> look totally righteous, but... have either of you ever actually
> watched the show?"
> "Nope!" said Pantra cheerfully.
> "Never," said Princess Caramella firmly.
> "I just know it's about a sword princess fighting a cat lady and
> people think they should kiss!" Pantra declared, grinning at Princess
> Caramella and getting a grin right back.
> "Oh like radical," murmured Asma, ears burning. "Um..." A sudden
> thought struck her. "But Princess, not to pry, but is your wife okay
> with--"
> A subtle but noticeable 'ahem' reached Asma's ears. She turned, and
> in midair, saw Explain-the-Joke Lass, Princess Caramella's wife,
> relaxing on a lawn chair, munching popcorn, avidly watching even tho
> her glasses were completely fogged up.
> Explain-the-Joke Lass swallowed and said, simply, "I ship it."


> Author's Note: I also have never watched She-Ra. X3 I probably should.
> Drew "gay gay GAY gay gay" Nilium

I saw some She-Ra back in the day.  I recall the manly-man part of the 
troop, whose leotards had a heart cut out from the cover to expose his 
bare chest.  So, probably marketed to young girls and not *specifically* 
gay.  Still...  8{D>

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The soldiers presented a pathetic but inspiring spectacle. The
hospitals were crowded with sick and wounded; the walls were
gradually crumbling under incessant shell fire, yet that garrison
of heroes remained undaunted.

It was as Buck said, "just as if they had been Americans."

- from "The Airship Boys in the Great War", De Lysle F. Cass, 1915.
Coming soon to Project Gutenberg.  gutenberg.org

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