LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #132: Infinite Leadership Cry.Sig Part Eight

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On 12/22/2019 5:23 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>    "It doesn't matter," Adamant Authority-on-Everything
> said.  "We're all going to keep disappearing until
> Ultimate Ninja comes back.  And then maybe he'll
> disappear too."  He sighed.  "It's hopeless."

That seems kinda out-of-character; I associate Adam with being confident even to 
the point of ridiculousness.

>    "Oh @#$%!" Master Blaster swore.
>    "What's wrong," Frat Boy asked.  "I thought you said
> we had nothing to worry about."
>    "That was before Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad pulled
> my name out of his hat and sentenced me to oblivion."

I do like the hypocrisy.

> Then it hit on
> him.  "Wikiboy!"
>    Wikiboy sighed.  "What is it?"
>    "You're a smart guy."
>    "So I am."
>    "You know where the others went."
>    "I'm sorry but I don't."
>    "You do!"
>    Wikiboy shook his head.  "My powers don't work that
> way."
>    "Yes they do!"
>    Wikiboy sighed.  "My powers are limited in that I
> can neither be omnipotent nor omniscient.  You can't
> ask me to be able to do anything you want nor know
> anything you want to know.  I can't perform miracles."
>    "Yes you can!"
>    "You're not listening."

This is pretty good. X3

>    Wikiboy shook his head.  "Not at all.  If I really
> was angry with you then you could ask me to forgive
> you."
>    "Okay.  You forgive me."
>    "I forgive you."
>    "Now help me!"
>    "I can't."
>    "Alright!  Fine!"


>    "Why don't we just disband the LNH?" Master Blaster
> asked.  "Right here.  Right now.  If the LNH is
> disbanded then I'm not the leader.  Nobody is.  Then
> nobody will disappear."  He turned to Adamant
> Authority-on-Everything.  "Well?  What do you think?"
>    "It's worth a try," Adamant Authority-on-Everything
> said.  "But the LNH leader cannot disband the LNH
> without the full support of the team."

This is a smart variation.

>    It was Sister State-the-Obvious.  She was sitting up
> in bed alone.  Master Blaster wasn't there.  "He's
> gone."
>    Frat Boy gave out a deep sigh.  "So what now?"


>    Pulls-Out-Of-Hats Lad pulled out the name of the
> latest LNH Leader.
>    "Well?" Curious Lass asked.
>    "Sister State-the-Obvious," he said.
>    "That's me," Sister State-the-Obvious said.  "I'm
> the new leader."

You know, I would have expected Martin to resolve the "disbanded LNH" plot point 
at least a little.

>    "No," Ordinary Lady told him.
> "Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad's power is to pull out
> the right piece of paper out of all the paper in the
> hat so that in this case he would be pulling out the
> name of the right person to be leader of the LNH."
>    "What about when he pulled out Coward Lad's name?"
> Frat Boy asked.
>    "That was a gag," Ordinary Lady explained.

A good way to have it work. <3

>    Just then a flash of lightning appeared outside.  It
> was so bright that even though our heroes were inside
> LNH HQ and were protected by extra thick steel and
> concrete walls, the light in the room was nevertheless
> bright enough that even those standing away from the
> source had to make the effort to try to shield their
> eyes from it.

...I don't think that makes sense o3o

>    "Wait!" Frat Boy complained.  "Isn't it illogical
> that Kid Kirby would show up just after wReamHack says
> how good it would be to have him here?"
>    "Perhaps," Ordinary Lady said, "but don't forget
> that, as I already said, the Looniverse is not only
> bound by logic but by comedy and drama.  Having Kid
> Kirby show up on cue serves drama and having you point
> out the illogic of him showing up on cue serves
> comedy."

I mean, in theory, but the joke's getting old now o3o

>    Frat Boy grimaced.  "I don't get it," he said.  "Why
> can't he just say what he thinks might be causing
> this?"
>    "Rules of drama," Ordinary Lady said.  "All major
> revelations need to be preceded by a cliffhanger
> ending."

Actually, the most effective ILC issues introduced the new idea and then 
developed it over the course of the issue, I feel like.

Drew "let's see if that happens next time!" Nilium

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