[MISC] HiJinx #1 now on ComiXology!

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Wed May 20 10:46:24 PDT 2020


     HiJinx is a character I created for a City of Titans tie-in Patreon
project strip.  After doing a couple of short scripts for artist try-outs
(regular artist Dale Yaddow drew them and passed the try-out), I handed the
regular writing chores to Tom Stillwell.  The compilation of the first issue
is now up at ComiXology!  (If you want to see everything to date, you can
also subscribe to the Patreon, http://www.patreon.com/hijinx .)

     Dave Van Domelen, came up with the basics of the character while driving
back from a job interview in Wayne Nebraska....

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