LNH/META: Infinite Leadership Crisis blurb

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri May 15 18:38:57 PDT 2020

Since I'm re-reading Arthur's reposting of the ILC, here's a blurb I made in the 
style of the ones that headlined every opening page of every Marvel comic I read 
back in the early '90s:

  |  Every day, the Legion has a new leader! Every night, at the stroke of     |
  |  midnight-- they disappear!! Over the days and weeks of an unending April, |
  |  the Legion struggles to uncover the mysterious force causing them to      |
  |  disappear one by one! Will the dwindling forces of net.heroism be able    |
  |  to overcome this Infinite Leadership Crisis--                             |
  |                                  --before the last Legionnaire vanishes?!  |

Drew "hopefully I'm done with the project I made it for soon" Nilium

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