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Arthur Spitzer arspitzer2 at
Sat May 9 09:56:33 PDT 2020

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 3:42:45 PM UTC-7, Dave Van Domelen wrote:
> Commentary on The Academy #0-8 
>           Original stories and commentary by Dave Van Domelen
> 		         copyright 2011, 2020

>      As you read throgh the Academy, you'll see I've crafted the team I
> wanted to write myself (ASH), two secondary teams I was deliberately farming
> out (STRAFE and LNH 2022) and a number of potential antagonists and settings
> that other writers could play with.  Interestingly, perhaps even ironically,
> the first writer to pick up on this was Marc Singer, who'd been part of the
> Patrol writing corps and one of the people bringing in elements I didn't care
> for.  He took over STRAFE, introducing one of the more enduring villains of
> ASH.  Matt Rossi III, another Patroller, joined soon after, creating his own
> character and fleshing out a part of the world I hadn't really even thought
> about.

I don't remember Marc ever writing any PATROL stuff.  I think the first stuff he wrote for
RACC was his OMEGA stuff, which was after the ASH was created.

I suppose I could be wrong, but looking through the archives and google groups -- I
don't see anything by him in PATROL.

Arthur "Interesting stuff, Dave.." Spitzer

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