8FOLD: Mancers/Daylighters: Brave New World (Annotations)

deucexm deucexm at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 16:44:02 PDT 2020

This seems as good a place to put overall feedback as any...

Tom, I have to admit I am strangely reluctant at times to read your 8FOLD 
stuff, because it is dark and powerful and /intense/ to a level that makes me 
more than a little uncomfortable in places.  There's a smoldering energy and a 
deep Serious Business that runs alongside the comedic moments - which are very 
well-placed! - which, now that I can see the larger picture of everything (in 
this smaller instance of it, anyway) is really suitable for the story told.

Although your universe is rather less friendly than mine own (though I've not 
written the darkest parts of the DiVerse yet, I think) I have a deep respect 
for your ability to mesh superpowers, magic, tech, and above all else /well-
written character development/ into a single, seamless storyline.  And even 
though it can be a little unnerving to read sometimes, I'm glad I took the 
time to catch up on it.  Truly, high-quality stuff.

I'm still not a huge fan of Claire, but I suppose I see her in a somewhat 
better light now.  :)


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