LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents #24: "Mumbled By the Hungry Cold"

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Wed Jul 1 19:57:33 PDT 2020

On 2020-06-28 23:27, Drew Nilium wrote:

> Otherkin Lad saw himself, far older, scarred, but healthy, standing
> in front of a row of prison cells that seemed to stretch out
> infinitely in both directions, into the gray horizon. He held out a
> present to her, wrapped in sky-blue paper and moon-silver ribbon; and
> she opened it, and within was a golden key. And she took the key, and
> unlocked the cell next to her, and a man walked out, gasping and
> shivering with sudden freedom; and he unlocked the cell next to him,
>  and a girl walked out, far too young to be here; and she unlocked
> the cell next to her, and the chain stretched on...
> "Can I..." That wasn't scary. That was... lovely. "Really, truly-- do
>  you think I can do something like that?"
> Kindle laughed out loud at his doubt. "Motherkisser, look at what you
> just psychovanting did. Imagine doing one-tenth, one-hundredth, 
> one-*thousandth* of that every Christmas for the rest of your life.
> You really don't think that would be *enough*???"
This story makes a lot of good points about power, ambition, and 
friendship.  I loved the ending.  And I never thought of "psychovant" as 
a verb before now.

Well done.

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The soldiers presented a pathetic but inspiring spectacle. The
hospitals were crowded with sick and wounded; the walls were
gradually crumbling under incessant shell fire, yet that garrison
of heroes remained undaunted.

It was as Buck said, "just as if they had been Americans."

- from "The Airship Boys in the Great War", De Lysle F. Cass, 1915.
Coming soon to Project Gutenberg.  gutenberg.org

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