LNH: Cover Gallery #1008i

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 14:56:08 PST 2020

On 1/13/2020 10:39 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> On 2020-01-12 18:46, Drew Perron wrote:
>> MARVEL ZOMBIE GIRL: You don't understand! I've discovered the horrible secret 
>> that awaits the most popular LNHer of all - and the horrible power that's 
>> taken away your ability to use slang!
> Young people nowadays...  ;)

:3 Indeed

>> [CAPTION: The youngest LNHers are at each other's throats - but is this the 
>> fallacy of youth, or the leftover evils of a bygone age? Whose terrible 
>> threads are tangled around - THE LOOMER GENERATION!]
> I was going to ask what the Loomer Generation is, but I looked it up. Just young 
> people nowadays...
> https://www.deviantart.com/1ssam/art/Loomer-Generation-796137105

Oh, I wasn't referring to anything like that. (This is clearly made by someone 
*just* old enough to think they're Old and Wise.) I was playing off "Zoomer", 
which is one of the many ridiculous terms people are using for "the generation 
after millenials".

Drew "Generation L" Perron

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