LNH: Cover Gallery #1008i

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Sun Jan 12 18:46:08 PST 2020

    ][][][][][][][][][][][< COVER * GALLERY * #1008i>][][][][][][][][][][][

Painful Pun Person, Kid Occultism Kid, and Horrible Name Lad are sitting at a 
table, stage left, with Jeopardy-style screens in front of them. Over their 
heads is a banner reading "LNH POPULARITY POLL 2020". Marvel Zombie Girl stands 
stage right, turning in shock, the lower half of her body fading away as each of 
the others presses a button on their phone, revealing a big zero on each screen.

KID OCCULTISM KID: Sorry, Marvel Zombie Girl! Your predecessor may have been 
"top dog" among Generation X college students, but today's teen-agers think 
you've dropped the bass!

PAINFUL PUN PERSON: For your lack of appeal, we sentence you to Limbo!

MARVEL ZOMBIE GIRL: You don't understand! I've discovered the horrible secret 
that awaits the most popular LNHer of all - and the horrible power that's taken 
away your ability to use slang!

[CAPTION: The youngest LNHers are at each other's throats - but is this the 
fallacy of youth, or the leftover evils of a bygone age? Whose terrible threads 
are tangled around - THE LOOMER GENERATION!]

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Drew "forgot the borders last time" Nilium

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