LNH: Cover Gallery #1007i

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 12:10:46 PST 2020

Inside Net.tropolis Family Auditorium and Discount Auto! On stage, Retcon RACCoon is floating next to a family tree listing everyone Doctor Killfile is related to, with "Empress Spacelord" at the top! The surviving Saviors of the Net are sitting in the front row of the empty theater, half asleep, the other half confused, and Mood Arrow is raising his hand!

RETCON RACCOON: Forget Captain Killfile's mother - I'm here to talk about Captain Killfile's GRANDMOTHER!

MOOD ARROW: Uh, does this actually matter?

RETCON RACCOON: Definitely! It's all been leading up to this!!

THE LAVA LAMP: ...snnnzzzzz...

[Caption: Secrets revealed! The retconned speak! But what thematic hollowness is inside the mystery box, and who is responsible for... THE RETURN OF THE RISE OF THE REVENGE OF KILLFILE!]

Drew "saw some movies recently" Nilium

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