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You can sift through the racc list archive
or you can try google groups racc for these stories that make up the sixteenth
section of Infinite Leadership Cry.Sig (or Crisis).

LNH Comics Presents #60 is by Jessica "Jaelle" Ihimaera-Smiler.  The Mouse
is now the Master -- but more importantly will King Konqueror finally
get his picture on the cover of Villains Monthly?  Or will we have to suffer
another month of Mouse's Boyfriend.. hey, hey just kidding Mouse!  Put down
the knife.  Put down the.. *ahem*..

And #61 is by Mitchell "Tarq" Crouch.  It's Bad Timing Boy's Time.  Will
there be blood, and will there be pants falling down as that blood gushes?

Find out in..

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                                    ADVENTURES #140

                  Infinite Leadership Cry.Sig Part Sixteen

From: Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler <jae... at ihug.co.nz>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.comics.creative
Subject: LNH: LNH Comics Presents #61: Infinite Leadership Crisis Episode 26

LNH Comics Presents #61: Infinite Leadership Crisis Episode 26

by Jaelle

As the sun rose over the city of Net.ropolis on the 26th of April, the 
LNH... was mostly asleep, as they tended not to be a bunch of early 
risers. Would-be world conquerors take note: take over the place at 5am 
in the morning. No one will notice. Or care. At least not until after 
the first cup of coffee, by which point you should have had enough time 
to consolidate your position.

Anyway, it was therefore not until roughly 8.30am in the morning that 
the somewhat diminished LNH assembled once more to wait for Pulls Paper 
Out of Hats Lad to announce the name of the latest victim. Er, leader.


All eyes turned to the sidekick.

Mouse stared right back.

"You have got to be freaking kidding me. I have a bad enough time 
managing ONE costumed lunatic, and she's my MOTHER. There is absolutely 
no way I am running the whole crazy lot of you!"

Pulls Paper Out of Hats Lad waved the paper at her meaningfully.

"Argh. Yes, yes, I know. The paper has spoken," Mouse put her hand over 
her face. "Fine, but I want it made completely clear that I am NOT doing 
the accounts. Or anything else involving mathematics. Okay?"

There was general agreement from all assembled.

"Good. So, besides the accounts, the missing leaders, and the usual 
day-to-day disasters that we face, are there any other crises going on 
that I need to know about?"

"Um... Mouse?" Fred the receptionist stuck his head in the door. "You 
have a call from a supervillain about his plan to take over the world."

"... I had to ask."


Mouse picked up the phone, a feeling of dread pooling in her stomach. 

"Is it true?" An excited voice replied. "You, Mouse, are now Leader of 
the LNH?"

"Yeah. How did you know and who are you?"

"Oh wow, this is so great. Um... right... hang on a second. I'll hang up 
and call back and then we'll start over again, okay?"

"What?" Mouse stared at the receiver as the other person hung up, and 
punched the off button warily. There had been something horribly 
familiar about that voice...

The phone rang again.

Mouse scowled at it and answered. "Hello, Boot City Mortuary. You stab 
'em, we slab 'em!"

"Beware my nemesis for I have... what? Damn! Wrong number, sorry!"

"It's you isn't it," Mouse said flatly. "King Konqueror."

"Gah, you tricked me! Curse you!" King Konqueror sputtered (for it was 
indeed he). "Can I try again?"

"Sorry, no." This time, Mouse was the one to hang up. "Twit."

The phone rang again.

"Somebody get that!" Mouse yelled, only to discover that most of the 
rest of the LNH had wandered off for breakfast, including the 
receptionist (having apparently taken her continuing presence at the 
desk as an offer to stand in for them). Grumbling, she answered again. 
"Yeah, what?"

"Beware my nemesis for I have put together a masterful plan which will 
bring your precious LNH to its knees! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Mouse rolled her eyes. "If it's such a masterful plan, why are you only 
trying it NOW? It's been, what... four, five years since you've done 
anything? I thought you'd given up or gone into retirement or something."

"It's not MY fault," King Konqueror's tone was sulky. "Your author 
hardly ever puts out issues anymore. I haven't had the chance to show 
off my true evil genius! But then I heard you'd gotten promoted to 
leader of the LNH, and I knew this was my big chance to make it into the 
villainous big leagues! If I take out Mouse, the sidekick, who would 
care? But if I bring down the leader of the LNH, that's huge! I could 
finally get my picture on the cover of Villains Monthly! It's so unfair! 
They've never picked me, but Tsar Chasm is on it every other month and 
he's barely even villainous anymore! Who the hell keeps voting for him?"

Mouse blushed somewhat guiltily.

"So the minute I heard, I raced to put together a dastardly plan, the 
details of which I shall now reveal to you!" King Konqueror's voice 
deepened and took on a speechifying tone. "As I was saying earlier, 
beware! For I have unleashed a plague the likes of which no one has ever 
seen before. An army of mutated cabbages will soon gallop down the 
streets of Net.ropolis and lay waste to all in their path."

"Mutated... cabbages?" Mouse repeated slowly. "THIS is your big evil 
plan that you think is going to successfully defeat me? I don't know 
whether to be insulted or... no, no, I'm definitely going with insulted."

"What do you expect? I'm on a clock here," KK retorted. "Next time you 
make it to the A grade, TELL me first!"

"Okay, look, hang on a moment." Mouse picked up a nearby phonebook and 
flipped through it loudly for a few seconds. "Right. Well I have some 
bad news. I've just checked in the LNH Leader's Ultimate Guidebook, and 
I'm afraid that with a threat rating of only 1.3 on the Claremont scale, 
your evil plan is too stupid for me to bother thwarting it. Sorry."

There was a long pause.

"The LNH has... standards?"

"Believe me, I'm as shocked as you are." Mouse replied. "But hey, it's 
right here in the Guidebook. My hands are tied."

"Wait! Wait... I can do better! Just give me a couple of hours and some 
magical potions and... look, I'll call you back."

"Feel free." Mouse replied, and headed off to the Ultimate Ninja's office.


Sometime after lunch, just after Mouse had finished holding a short 
meeting with Anal-Retentive Archive Kid, Bibliography Boy, and Browsing 
Boy about the search for the former Leaders (these three being the first 
names on the excellent list she had found on the desk summarising who 
was doing what for the investigation), Fred put through another phone call.


"I'm ready! Do you have that Guidebook with you?"

Mouse made a face and reached around behind her. "Hang on a minute." She 
grabbed the first book-like object off the shelf behind her and glanced 
at it. "'Marketing Your Name, Honour and Soul for Fun and Profit'. Okay, 
so this is either something PR Kid was referring to, or something 
Occultism Kid left behind. Either way, I'm not touching it." She put it 
back and wedged it shut into a corner with a stray feather duster. 
"Thank you, Captain Cleanup." Instead she picked up a slim volume titled 
'Latin for the Illiterati' and began to flick through it idly. "Okay, 

"An army of robot duplicates of myself!"

"Hmmm... okay, TECHNICALLY that would qualify..."


"Buuuutttt... I'm afraid we would only be able to send out an army of 
robot duplicates of LNH members to fight them," Mouse finished smugly. 
"We do actually have one of those on hand at the moment, where would you 
like your duplicates to be meeting them?"

"Wait, only duplicates? You wouldn't be coming yourself?"

"Yeah, sorry, but there's this whole union thing," Mouse waved a hand 
vaguely. "And trust me, you do not want to have the United Delegation of 
Robotic Duplicates mad at you."

"Oh no, no of course not," King Konqueror sounded appropriately humbled. 
"Um... I'll call again later."

"Ave et vale!"*

[*"Goodbye and farewell." -- Footnote Girl.]


The phone rang again around 9pm, as Mouse had composed the reply to the 
last of a wide variety of polite (and some not-so-polite) inquiries for 
bill payments from a large number of companies who supplied the LNH with 
power, water, internet connections and cheesecake ingredients.

"I'm gonna get you good with this one!" King Konqueror sounded 
positively gleeful. "It's my greatest plan yet!"

"Uh huh," Mouse said. "Well, let's hear it then."

"Try THIS on for size! A giant, radioactive tuatara! Beat THAT!"

"Ooooh... sorry, we've already hit our giant reptile quota for the 
month," Mouse contemplated her fingernails. "What with breaking up the 
fight between Fin Fanfic Foom and Carassion, and then Apocalyptic 
Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins, we're way over the limit."

"Weren't the last three all the same thing?"

"Not according to our leader at the time, and Leader's word goes."

"You can't turn this one down!" King Konqueror's tone became desperate. 
"I've already spent the last of my budget on it!"

"Not my problem."

"But, it breathes fire!"

"Big whoop."

"Lives would be in danger!"

"Don't care."

"It's an endangered, indigenous Net.Zealand species!"

"I..." Mouse ground to a halt. "DAMN!"

"WOOHOO! Villain's Monthly cover, here I come!"


Two hours later:

"I thought you said that this thing breathed fire," Mouse said, standing 
over the comatose giant tuatara.

"Well... it WOULD have breathed fire, if you'd just given it enough time 
to soak up solar energy through the panels I installed on its back," 
King Konqueror replied sulkily, as New Look Lass finished tying him up.

"It's not even that gigantic. It's only 2, maybe 2 and a half metres 
tall tops!"

"The growth formula was designed for snakes! I wasn't sure how it would 
work on tuataras, and I didn't want to kill the poor thing, so I had to 
dilute it." KK shifted guiltily. "How IS Mr Spiky doing?"

Mouse closed her eyes. "You NAMED it?"

"It was a team-building exercise!"

Mouse sighed. "Well it looks fine to me, but I'll have it checked out 
and sent back to Net.Zealand. There IS a way to reverse everything 
you've done to it, right?"

"Oh yes, of course," King Konqueror nodded towards a nearby table. "My 
notes are over there, along with the antidotes." He sighed mournfully. 
"So here I am, defeated again. Darn it, I really thought this was it! My 
big chance to take out the leader of the LNH and become a somebody!"

Mouse rolled her eyes and sat down next to him. "Just out of interest, 
how did you know about the whole leadership thing anyway?"

"Oh, I keep you and your mother under surveillance all the time," KK 
shrugged. "You ARE my arch-nemeses after all. I meant to do something 
when your mother got chosen, but she never picked up her phone when I 
called. I even tried text-messaging, but no joy."

Mouse stared at him. "Are you telling me that you've known about the 
state of leadership flux at the LNH ALL MONTH???"


"And..." Mouse continued. "It never occurred to you even ONCE to spread 
the word amongst your fellow villains so that you could all team up and 
take advantage of this?!"

KK stared at her, a horrified expression spreading over his face.

"You," Mouse began, "are undoubtedly the biggest, DUMBEST, most moronic 
excuse for an arch-villain that I have ever..."

And then she was gone.

King Konqueror looked at the empty space where Mouse had been sitting.

"Um, does this mean I win?"


Pull-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad created by Arthur Spitzer.
Anal-Retentive Archive Kid and Footnote Girl created by Saxon Brenton.
Bibliography Boy created by Jerry Boyajian.
Browsing Boy created by Ben Rawluk.
PR Kid created by Jamas Enright.
Occultism Kid created by Josh Geurink.
Captain Cleanup created by Maurice Beyke.
New Look Lass created by Charles Fitzgerald.
Tsar Chasm and Fred the receptionist created by Ken Schmidt.
Mouse, King Konqueror created by Jaelle.

From: Tarq <mitchel... at caladrius.com.au>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.comics.creative
Subject: LNH: LNH Comics Presents... #62: INFINITE LEADERSHIP CRISIS #27

     Bad-Timing Boy crawled through the ducts as quickly as he could.
He'd been having fun in the ventilation shafts until he looked at his
watch and realised that he would miss the daily ritual of picking a
     "Because, you see," grunted a voice from just ahead of him,
"every other leader that the LNH has had since the Ultimate Ninja went
away on vacation on March 31st has disappeared without a trace at
midnight. So now Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad has been appointed leader-
picker, and is just about to announce who today's leader shall be."
     "...Kid Recap?! What are you doing here?"
     "Oh, not much. I'm going now anyway. See you tomorrow maybe. If
Saxon decides to write me in. Later." And with that, there was a loud
clatter, and a beam of light shot up from the bottom of the shaft. Kid
Recap's features were briefly illuminated before he skilfully slid
down it the open grate.
     From the room below, Bad-Timing Boy could hear the crowd of
LNHers quieten as Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad gained their full
     ( Well, )Oo. he thought, .oO( Here goes nothing! )
     Attempting to mimic Kid Recap's exit, he stuck his legs through
the hole and prepared himself for launch. Unfortunately, he muddled up
the pushing-himself-off-with-his-arms and bending-his-body-slightly-so-
as-to-not-break-his-back, thuswise smashing his face into the grate
and sending him crashing down uncontrollably, just as Pulls-Paper-Out-
Of-Hats Lad put his hand in his hat and said, "Today's leader is-"
     Unfortunately, he was then cut off by Bad-Timing Boy landing on
his head. The hat flew up, and small pieces of paper with various
Legionnaires names on them scattered everywhere. Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-
Hats Lad himself was in a very uncomfortable position, with one arm
sticking up past Bad-Timing Boy's face. One lone piece of paper
flittered down into the palm of PPOOH Lad's four-fingered two-thumbed
hand. All eyes turned to Bad-Timing Boy expectantly.
     Realising what everyone expected him to do, he cleared his
throat, picked up the slip of paper, and looked at it.
     All colour -- 'color', right, sorry -- drained from his face, and
the Legionnaires gave each other confused looks. Bad-Timing Boy, on
the other hand, said something that sounded oddly like "Aaaw, nerts..."
before fainting, and the slip of paper floated once more into Pulls-
Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad's painfully angled hand.
     After a moment of letting him whimper agonisingly, Dr. Bad-
Bedside-Manner sighed, went over to PPOOHLad, and dragged him away. As
he dragged him through the crowd, Bizarre Boy leant forward and lifted
the piece of paper out of his hand. Reading it out so everyone present
could hear, he announced, "Bad-Timing Boy!"
     There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, before Innovative-
Offence Boy spoke up. "Oh, @#$%!!"

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*

Day 27: Bad-Timing Boy
by Mitchell 'Tarq' Crouch

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*

     "...an' I dunno, you should probably have some sleep or something,"
shrugged Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner. "I mean, Hell, you're a net.hero.
You'll be fine by tomorrow, right?"
     Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad, who had been dumped on a bed and had
a pre-used bandaid slapped onto his reflex-angle elbow, whimpered.
     "Yeah. Cool. So... go to sleep. Get some rest. That kinda stuff.
Here, have some of this random drug, which I'm sure will put you to
sleep one way or another. Later." The good doctor injected a foul-
smelling purple serum into PPOOHLad, got up to leave, and had just
reached for the door handle when-
     Bad-Timing Boy rushed in, unknowingly smashing the door into Dr.
Bad-Bedside-Manner's face. "Oh my gosh, Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad,
I'm so sorry!" he cried, jumping on the nearly-asleep Legionnaire,
hugging him and shaking him. "I'm sorry! Forgive me!"
     "Hello? Hello?" Bad-Timing Boy slapped the groggy hero on the
check a couple of times. "Oh god! He's dead! I killed him! I can't
believe I killed him! I-"
     Bad-Timing Boy was effectively shut up by Dr. Bad-Bedside Manner
hitting him roughly on the back of the head. "He's asleep. Now shaddup
and leave before I smack you a second time. Harder."
     "Oh." BTB looked from Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner to Pulls-Paper-Out-
Of-Hats Lad and back again a couple of time. "Oh, right. Sorry. My
     He left the ward, and had the door slammed shut after him.
     Dragging his feet along the corridor, he paused at the corner and
muttered to himself, "Wait a second. I thought _I_ was supposed to be
the leader of the LNH!" He sighed miserably. "If only I'd remembered
that two minutes ago..."

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*

     As he strolled through the LNHHQ later that day, Bad-Timing Boy
heard a strange sound coming from Elvis Man's room. It sure wasn't no
rock, nor was it roll. Therefore, Bad-Timing Boy concluded, it was
also not rock and roll. He listened a bit more before realising that
he knew the song. Knew it... and loved it!
     "Turn it up! Turn it up! Turn it upside down!" he sang as he
danced in, oblivious to Elvis Man's uncustomary black sequins and
tears rolling down his face. "Turn that beat around! Love to hear the
percussion! Turn it upside down! Love t-"
     "Bad-Timin' Boy!" Elvis Man screamed. "What do you think you're
     "Dancing, duh!" came his automatic reply as he executed a
flawless worm. "I love Vicki Sue Robinson!"
     "Vicki Sue Robinson is dead, BTB. That's why I'm holding this
memorial service. She died on the 27th of April in 2000."
     "Yeah," replied Bad-Timing Boy distractedly as he continued to
groove to those disco beats. "Cool."
     Elvis Man sighed heavily, and wiped some tears from his eyes.
"Bad-Timing Boy, I'm holding a memorial to remember one of our great
country's _other_ great singers. It's a very solemn moment. Not a time
for dancing."
     "Oh." Bad-Timing Boy looked about him, really rather embarrassed.
"Sorry." Letting out a sigh of his own, he moonwalked back out through
the door.
     "Thank you," said Elvis Man as he sadly shut the door behind him.
"Thank you very much."

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*

     A bit after lunchtime, Bad-Timing Boy came into cafeteria just as
everyone else was leaving. "Hi, guys! What's on the menu today?"
     A disgruntled mumble was the only reply he got.
     "Hm." He went up to counter, and dinged the small rarely-used
bell a couple of times. "Hello? Cheesecake Eater Lad?"
     Instead, Steak-And-Potatoes Man popped up. "Uuh, son? Cheesecake
Eater Lad has been missing since April the fifth."
     "Oh. Really?"
     "But then... who's been making the cheesecake?"
     "We haven't been having cheesecake. We've been having steak,
potatoes, and other such wholesome Ame.rec.an food."
     "Oh." Bad-Timing Boy looked down. "So, what's for breakfast?"
     "Bad-Timing Boy, you just missed lunch."
     "But I haven't had breakfast yet!"
     "Cool. I'm just bumping off duty. See you at dinner!" And with
that, Steak-And-Potatoes Man exited the now-deserted cafeteria.

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*

     Bad-Timing Boy dawdled along the corridors of the LNHHQ. Today
seemed really boring. Where was everyone? Where had they all gone?
Normally he was bumping into people left, right and centre. Center.
     "Where is everyone?!" he screamed. The only reply was his own
echo. And some kiwis running past. Bothersome kiwis.
     Kid Recap poked his head out of a nearby door. "I already told
you! They've all been made leader of the LNH and disappeared!"
     "Oh, blimey. Really?"
     "So who's the leader now?"
     "You are!" Kid Recap sighed. "Bad-Timing Boy, you're not usually
this forgetful. I'm pretty sure you bumped your head when you feel out
of the ducts today."
     "What ducks?"
     Kid Recap sighed, and thought deeply to himself for a mo. "I'll
call Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner later. Right now I'm going to the movies
with Bizarre Boy and Nudist Man."
     "Nudist Man...?"
     Nudist Man stuck his head out just above Kid Recap's, in what I'm
sure you'll agree was a very comical style indeed. "That's me!"
     "Hrm. You're a 'Man'. That implies responsibility and basic life
skills. I don't suppose you could make me some breakfast?"
     An awkward silence descended. Kid Recap looked at Nudist Man.
Nudist Man looked at Kid Recap. Kid Recap looking at Bad-Timing Boy.
Bad-Timing Boy looked at Nudist Man. Nudist Man looked at Kid Recap.
Kid Recap looked at Bad-Timing Boy. Bad-Timing Boy looked at Kid
Recap. Nudist Man looked at Bizarre Boy, who decided to come out and
join in the fun. Bizarre Boy looked at Kid Recap. Kid Recap Looked at
Bad-Timing Boy. Bad-Timing Boy looked at Nudist Man. Nudist Man looked
at Bad-Timing Boy. Bad-Timing Boy's pants fell down.

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*

     In the monitor room, Multi-Tasking Man, Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner,
Bad-Timing Boy, Kid Recap, Bizarre Boy, and Nudist Man sat watching
the earlier scene in which Bad-Timing Boy smashed his head on the
     "Yowch," stated Bizarre Boy. "That's some smack to the head."
     "Indeed," agreed Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner. "You should probably get
it looked at. Replay it, would you, Multi-Tasking Man?"
     MTM did as requested, and Dr. BBM snickered as he watched the
LNH's leader get served once again. "Ha ha! Whoo. So. Seems to me to
be pretty obvious that if a smack to the front of the head screws you
up so badly, a smack of equal or opposite force to the back of your
head should fix you up." Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner grabbed one of Multi-
Tasking Man's many keyboards, and began to swing it.
     Bad-Timing Boy turned around. "Doctor, what do you sugge-"
     The Leader of the Legion of Net.Heroes collapsed to the ground,
his nose bleeding.
     There was a short silence before Kid Recap spoke up. "I so
totally had nothing to do with this." He then proceeded to bail,
followed closely by Bizarre Boy and Nudist Man.
     "Nudist Man, wait!" cried Multi-Tasking Man, grabbing the
uniquely-dressed Legionnaire whilst simultaneously playing Net.Trek,
flaming sixteen different newsgroups, and sorting through his porn
folder. "We may be able to use your unique blend of 'nudist' and 'man'
to awaken Bad-Timing Boy without having to smack him more or bothering
to get a glass -- or bucket -- of cold water."
     Nudist Man sighed, and knelt down next to the unfortunate LNHer.
Bad-Timing Boy came to just as he began to raise his leg, thuswise
exposing his really very already exposed anatomy. "Whew, don't worry
guys, I'm oka- OH MY GOD, what is THAT?!"
     He began coughing and spluttering, and Nudist Man was rushed out
of the room. "No need to thank me, guys," he called over his shoulder.
"I only missed the movie for you. No biggie." The door shut behind
him. "Jerks."

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*

     Bad-Timing Boy lay relatively alone in the ward. 'Relatively'
alone because Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner and Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad
were also there.
     "So, BTB," said Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad, "been enjoying your
time as leader?"
     "Not really," he moped. "I hospitalized you -"
     "It's okay, really, I'm practically better already."
     "-had some weird form of amnesia, and missed out on every meal of
the day. I didn't even get to do anything leader-ish at all." He
sighed miserably. "Why, of all days, did _today_ have to be the day I
didn't get to do anything fun?"
     Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad nodded. "Must have something to do
with your powers, I suppose. And the worst part is that you'll still
disappear at midnight."
     Bad-Timing Boy nodded miserably. "Yeah. I only have a few hours
left to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" He jumped out of
bed. "I'm not going to lay around and waste these few hours!"
     "Well," said an angry Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner, "I wish you'd told
me that _before_ I injected you with this tranquilizer serum!"
     Bad-Timing Boy's legs began to shake. "Aaw, man!"

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*

     A few hours later, Bad-Timing Boy was running for what was
formerly the Ninja's office. He had only a few minutes to complete all
of his leadery duties! Rounding the corner, he bumped straight into
Time-Waster Lad.
     "Oh, hey, Bad-Timing Boy!"
     "Hi Time-Waster Lad! Sorry, I have no time to waste, I need to
get to the office!"
     "Which office?"
     "My office!"
     "You have an office?"
     "Yes! I'm the Leader of the LNH, remember?"
     "Oh, right! How's that going for you, buddy?"
     "Not so good, actua-" And then he was gone.

               *~_/|\_/= ILC : BTB =\_/|\_~*
Bad-Timing Boy created by Vernon Harmon
Bizarre Boy was created by rjd... at psuvm.pse.edu
Cheesecake-Eater Lad was created by M. Jotham Millheiser
Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner created by Peter 'Tick' Milan
Elvis Man was created by Gary St. Lawrence
Innovative-Offence Boy is public domain. The internets seem to have
lost all traces of whomever created him, but if someone could tell me,
that would be super swell.
Kid Recap was created by Josh Geurink
Multi-Tasking Man was created by Jeff Coleburn
Nudist Man created by Tom Russell
Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad was created by Arthur Spitzer
Steak-And-Potatoes Man also seems to be lost to the voids of time and
internets. How depressing.
Time-Waster Lad was created by Ray Rich
Ultimate Ninja was created by Ray 'wReam' Bingham

Next Week:  More leaders!  More disappearing -- Part XVII!

Arthur "Same Classic Channel.  But Same Time?  Probably not." Spitzer

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