DIVA: A Break from Tradition #1

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On 2020-12-23 16:26, Scott Eiler wrote:
> ... Let me see if I can guess where this story is going.
> "The treasury was empty - aside from one stone.  The young heir to the 
> Empire turned the stone over.
> "'Peace on Earth' was all it said.
> "The Teacher commented, 'This is the dangerous secret which our Gray 
> Empire hides from the world.'"
> ... Of course, I could be wrong.  I look forward to finding out.

... Now that I've read Part 2, I'm going to claim partial correctness!  8{D>

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The soldiers presented a pathetic but inspiring spectacle. The
hospitals were crowded with sick and wounded; the walls were
gradually crumbling under incessant shell fire, yet that garrison
of heroes remained undaunted.

It was as Buck said, "just as if they had been Americans."

- from "The Airship Boys in the Great War", De Lysle F. Cass, 1915.
Coming soon to Project Gutenberg.  gutenberg.org

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