DIVA/PRECOG: A Break from Tradition

deucexm deucexm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 18:07:59 PST 2020

[ C O M I N G * S O O N ]

Among the spacefaring civilizations of the DiVerse, there is but one known for 
its brutality, its disrespect for all forms of life, and its willingness to go 
to extreme ends in the pursuit of - well, just about anything.  That is the way 
of the Gray Empire; traditionally, it is how they have always been.

But traditions that do not serve the people, that do not enrich the soul of a 
nation - of many nations, of the many worlds that lie under Imperial rule; if 
they serve only to oppress the weak and layer burden upon burden for those who 
are already suffering;

These traditions should end.

And so it comes to pass that God of Deception's long game in the Gray Empire 
turns a final corner; and the Empress-to-be quickly learns the value hidden in 
both cleverly woven lies... and boldly stated truth.



Also I just wanna say: it's been a good bit since I checked in here (mostly due 
to work stuff and ennui) and wow this place exploded!  It is awesome to see so 
many unread things, you all are fantastic.  <3


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