LNH/LUNA: The Liminals #8: Motivationquest part 3: Guilty Feet Ain't Got No Rhythm [1/2]

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On 12/14/20 4:15 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> #8: "Motivationquest part 3: Guilty Feet Ain't Got No Rhythm"
> A boss fight by Jeanne Morningstar


> Masterplan Lad, guardian of the narrative; Victoria Arden--Forsaken Lass, 
> survivor of Limbo; Alice Ashdown--Net.Access, champion of crossovers; and Manga 
> Girl--Sakura Mangas, synthetic senshi of creativity!  They are four young 
> net.heroes who fight to understand themselves and the worlds they inhabit, 
> moving between the heroism of the LNH and the uncanny strangeness of the 
> Lunaverse--the Liminals!

I love this opener so much

> Masterplan Lad took a deep breath. He remembered the "54321 "exercise, a classic 
> meditation exercise to clear his mind and reground himself in his body he'd 
> learned from the Knights Temporal and discussed in therapy. You thought of five 
> things you could see, four you could touch, three you could hear, two you could 
> smell, and one you could taste.
> He looked around and saw:
> 1. The burning bodies of the damned
> 2. Demons rejoicing and torturing the damned
> 3. Giant skulls and bones of unspeakably ancient beings that were scattered around
> 4. Creatures that it was hard to even describe what they were
> 5. A man who was half-buried head-down in the ground who had, for some reason, 
> sheet music tattooed on his posterior
> The scenery wasn't helping his anxiety very much.

God I love this sequence so much. X3

> This wasn't making him feel any better at all, he had to admit. He thought about 
> the sense of taste. All he could taste was ash on his lips. But he remembered 
> his therapist told him that if there was nothing he was tasting, he could think 
> about other things he'd tasted before. So he thought of:
> 1. The taste of Maria's lipstick.
> That made him feel a little bit better.

awwwwwww <3

> "Yeah, it's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't wanna live here," said Maria.

That's the trenchcoater-est thing.

> He pointed to something else coming their way: a shoe-shaped shadow. The shadow 
> was being cast by a shoe wearing a red cape, with small horns jutting out of its 
> tongue (the shoe part, not the actual tongue). "The March of Mephisto" by 
> Kamelot was playing somewhere in the background (where it was coming from was 
> not clear, possibly from the level of Hell above this, Loud Music Hell).

Love it, love it. X3

> The Shoe Devil chuckled, ignoring her. "Hello again, Maria."
> "Boy," said Maria, "I sure do end up in Hell a lot.


> "Are you sure you want to fight me?" said the Shoe Devil. "Your Writer has been 
> responsible for so much pain and frustration in your lives. You can probably do 
> without them."
> "Hey, don't talk about me like I'm not there!" said Jeanne.


> "Yeah, you can skip the temptation speech," said Maria. "I already made that 
> mistake once. You have nothing to offer me I could possibly want."
> "Nothing?" said the Shoe Devil.
> It was the soul of a dissolute, worn-down-looking middle aged man, screaming and 
> twisting in the flames. This was the Anonymous Trenchcoater.
> "Dad?"


> "I'm thinking," she said. She turned to the Shoe Devil. "All right. I'll make 
> the deal."

Gasp, etc.

> Instead of a pen, she took out a small glass flask of water and threw it right 
> in the Shoe Devil's face. The Shoelike Satan screamed as flames flared up around 
> him. "I had a feeling I'd be dealing with you again, Calceus. So I came 
> prepared. That's holy water prepared by the Discalced Carmelites. Your favorite."


> "Yeah, I was never gonna betray them," said Maria. "Not if you went after Vic. 
> Or even my Writer. See, I'd sell my grandmother for a candy bar--as long as it's 
> good candy bar--but I'll never let anyone hurt another trans girl on my watch."


> "Yeah, well. You talk a good game, but you should be vulnerable now that that 
> holy water cast a poison-type debuff on you," said Maria.

Heck yeah. :D

> Net.Access, Forsaken Lass and Manga Girl smashed away the Shoe Devil while 
> Masterplan Lad and Maria stood on the sidelines, healing their comrades and 
> casting debuffs on the Shoe Devil. They seemed to make very little dent on the 
> demon lord, who laughed mockingly.

Curse you, toku trope of a character of a higher power level no-selling 
characters of lower power levels no matter how fearsome they've been in the past!

> Jeanne pulled their chainsword out of... somewhere and pressed the button on the 
> side. The Spawn-esque magical girl costume flowed in around them. "CRY FOR THE 
> MOON!" they shouted as they swung their sword at the Shoe Devil.

Heeheehee <3 <3 <3

> Alice took a step back as Jeanne charged in. Flames burst out all around them. 
> She looked the ostrich, who was warily surveying the battle, in the eye."Look," 
> said Alice to the ostrich. "I know we don't trust each other yet. But right now, 
> your help."
> The ostrich chirped affirmatively.

Love it. <3

> She shifted into Transformer form, and Fastball Specialed the ostrich right at 
> the Shoe Devil.


> The Shoe Devil began to glow, charging itself up, and slammed down directly onto 
> Jeanne, tossing the others aside, stamping up and down on them repeatedly, 
> grinding them into nothing...

Wow jeez :o I can't wait to see how-- oh there's a second part

Drew "very good feelsy" Nilium

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