LNH/META: The No-Promises Quasi-Random LNH Wiki Pick of the Day #1

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 21:59:47 PDT 2019

So, has it been obvious to everybody *else* that I in fact have ADHD? XD

Anyway. The new wiki is not at 100% yet, but it's not that far off - something 
like 200 pages remain to be moved over. Being all proud of it and stuff, I 
figured I would bring back one of Arthur's recurring Fun Things: The Daily LNH 
Wiki Page! Only, this isn't going to be daily, probably. I have no idea how 
often it's going to be but! I'm going to try to settle into doing it on a 
semi-regular basis, at least, because I want to be Actively On RACC even when 
I'm stuck on twelve projects at once and feel intimidated by trying to feedback 
at things.

With that all said, here's today's link: The LNH (Classic Team)!


I went in *hard* on specifying which version of the LNH things belonged to, and 
realized there wasn't any real page for the team itself, as separate from all 
other things LNH. So now there is one. :> It's kind of a basic sketch, throwing 
together whatever I could think of. Anything y'all think should be added?

Drew "I'm super proud of it TBH" Nilium

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