8FOLD/PRECOG: Mancers Mondays & Team Thursdays

Tom Russell joltcity at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 16:56:39 PDT 2019

I am putting the finishing touches on the next *thirteen* installments of the Pulse War - six new issues of MANCERS, six new issues of DAYLIGHTERS, and one extra-length crossover special! The next step is final proofing with Mary, which I hope to conclude in early October.

Once that's done, a new MANCERS will come to a newsgroup near you every Monday, and a new DAYLIGHTERS every Thursday, followed by the crossover special when both arcs have run their course.

This makes right now the perfect time to catch up on the Pulse War saga so far, and in particular MANCERS # 1-8, DAYLIGHTERS # 1-6, and JOURNEY INTO # 25.


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