SW10/REPOST: The SW10 9/11 Memorial Stories

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Sep 12 04:57:52 PDT 2019

I was writing stories, even back in 2001.  And I tried to keep them 
topical.  So my universe had its own 9/11 event at the World Trade Center.

I say "universe" loosely, because I was mostly writing Marvel Comics fan 
fiction.  But even then, I realized Ellipsis didn't fit in nicely with 
the Marvel Universe.  Wyatt Ferguson just showed up in whichever 
universe he wished...  He hasn't changed much.

But that Earth was a world without a Powernaut then.  I invented 
Powernauts in 2005.  Even in retrofill, there were no Powernauts in 
2001.  So the response to the crisis fell to Ellipsis and Wyatt 
Ferguson.  And Wyatt wrote the story.

http://eilertech.com/stories/me2001.htm#airplane - Wyatt, as the Deputy 
Champion of Death in 2001, has a duty when an airplane gets grounded. 
After that, he has his own weird plan to respond to the world crisis. 
But he doesn't neglect his local friends who face persecution.

http://eilertech.com/stories/sillydays.htm - One year later in 2002, 
Wyatt feels that it's time for the United States to leave its angst 
behind.  So after the anniversary, he establishes the Silly Day Parades.

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