LNH: The Namer Boy -- Documentary Project: Season One #1

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I love this story.  Somehow, someway, this was just what I needed tonight.

On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 7:42 PM Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer2 at gmail.com> wrote:

>              The Namer Boy -- Documentary Project: Season One #1
> "I mean if it's not a prank -- then it must be some super villain plot.
> Hmm," said
> the ninja mulling that idea over for a bit.  "But why would any super
> villain do
> this?  They would surely know that I would never ever approve of something
> as stupid
> as this.  But wait," the ninja gave another long dramatic pause, "Is that
> part of the
> plan?  That they expect me to NOT sign off on this obvious cinematic
> abomination.  Is
> that the long game here?  Is that what they're expecting me to do?"

I love the utterly absurd paranoia UN displays in these paragraphs.  And I
love even more
the fact that, as usual, he turns out to be absolutely right.

> "Yes.
> All my carefully planned machinations have all led to this!  All the Flame
> Wars,
> Killfile Wars, Infinite Aprils, Beige Midnights, Beige Beer o'Clocks,
> Wikilulls,
> 9-11s, the Comboverthing Presidency -- all of it.  Right here!  Right now!"

I, personally, would read the hell out of "Beige Beer o'Clock."

> "Yes, yes, yes.  Anyways... oh," the mysterious ski-masked man winced his
> face and
> clutched his hand on his chest.  "Uhggg.  Don't feel so good.  Maybe too
> much
> Halloween candy?  Oh, Jesus."  He suddenly had a panicked look as if he
> could feel
> something horrible was about to happen.
> And then a huge red geyser started spraying out of his chest as a parakeet
> covered in
> that same blood and wearing a tiny witches hat burst out of it.  The
> parakeet
> screeched like a demon from hell.

I don't know what this says about me, but I laughed like hell while reading

> "Oh!"  An embarrassed Kid pulled his weapon down, "Sorry, Pumpkin!  I
> didn't realize
> you were one of the Holiday Miracle Pets!  I thought you were just your
> every day
> typical parakeet that bursts out of people's chests!  My bad!"

Man, I would hate to be an insurance agent in the Looniverse.

I really hope we see more of this story soon -- as well as an origin story
for Binky...

--Rob Rogers
--Easily-Discovered Man Lite of the LNH
--Believes there can never be too many cat stories on the Internet
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