SW10: Psychovant Teaches American History #3 (Who ELSE Before Columbus?)

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Oct 21 18:27:51 PDT 2019

This is Psychovant the Duck again, with your regular scheduled American 
history lesson. Last week we talked about how The Great Columbus was 
only the second one to get to America. Maybe he was third...!

What the hell, did Africa show up under their own power? Maybe! 
Egyptians are technically African, and they knew the Phoenicians, and 
Phoenicians went way past Gibraltar. 

   -  Maybe Mali even made it there, but then somehow Mali stopped 
keeping regular records!  Mali is a dust hole now.  But it was 
impressive once.  They dumped so much gold on pilgrimage to Mecca, 
Venice's cut of the proceedings is said to have fueled the Renaissance! 

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