MISC: GODLING # 62 Supernatural! Part 2 - Going underground by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING # 62  Supernatural! Part 2 - Going underground by J. Vandersteen 

– GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  Supernatural! Part 2 - Going underground

Flanked by the orc Blurk and vampire Drak, aka King Vampire Godling walks through the sewers.
     "Just saying, if you try anything funny I can turn you to dust using the power of sun god Helios," Godling tells King Vampire.
      King Vampire chuckles. "You probably get your education about vampires from TV, right?"
     "If that doesn't work I can also tear your head off using the strength of Heracles, I figure."
      Drak chuckles again. "I like you. But don't worry. I'm not an evil kind of being, Godling. I am like an animal. I only attack when threatened or when I have to defend my cubs>"
      "Well, all right then. You vampires have gotten a lot of bad press in fiction."
      "I know. If we turn the corner we're in Creature Kingdom," Drak says.
      They turn the corner and Godling mouth falls open. Suddenly the tunnels are gone and there is one huge, huge, place filled with Victorian looking buildings.
      "What the Hades? This has been underneath our feet all that time? It's huge!" Godling exclaims.
      "We have kept it very well hidden from humans. We know you would burn this city down if you found it. So please, keep it a secret," Drak says.
      "I promise. Thank you for your trust," Godling says.
They walk into the city. Walking on the streets are werewolves, orcs, various forms of undead creatures and monsters. They eye Godling suspiciously.
      "How many different creatures are here?" Godling asks.
      "How many different ones have you heard of?" King Vampire says.
      "So what you are saying is that all the creatures of myth and legend are real and living down here?"
      "Not all of them. But many, yes. They have to go somewhere. And above ground they are not safe. We've learned that by now."
      "Impressive. And I thought it was amazing Olympus is real. Wow."
      A beautiful woman in a red leather outfit with red-tipped black hair walks towards Godling. She bares her fangs and hisses. "Who is this intruder, Drak?"
      "Relax, sister. This is Godling. I trust him. And don't worry, we will kill him if he does anything to threaten our existence. Godling, this is my sister, Mina."
      Godling shakes her hand. "A pleasure."
      "I'm not sure about that. But I can guarantee you I will claw out your heart myself if you betray my brother's trust."
      "Never mind my sister, Godling... She's Head of Security in the Kingdom so she can get a bit riled up every now and then. She's frustrated one of our own is killing people above ground, risking discovery of our Kingdom."
      "I just can't understand you being so careless," Mina says.
      "Godling has considerable powers," Drak explains. "He can be a powerful ally in trying to track down our killer. Shall we go into your office?"
      "All right. You're the king I guess," Mina says.
      "I thought you would never say that," Drak says.
Godling is led into a nearby building. It is all looking like it was furnished in Victorian times. They enter an office where pictures of one particular person are on the wall. On a desk are books an papers.
     "Do you see those pictures on the wall? That's the person we are looking for. Karl Luger, the Dark Predator as we dubbed him. He hasn't gotten rid of the thirst for human blood and hunts among humans."
     Karl Luger is a thin man with long silver hair. His vampire fangs are impressive.
      "Looks like a cupcake," Godling says.
      "He's one of the most ancient vampires of our world," Mina says. "That makes him one of the most powerful as well."
      "I have defeated alien invasions and cyborg armies. I figure one lone bloodsucker won't be much of a challenge. We find him and I take him out."
      "You are very sure of yourself," Mina says. "That could cost you your life."
      "We'll see about that. Now let us concentrate on finding Luger. It seems he fled back to the sewers after his last killing."
      "He's pretty good at hiding from us," Mina says. "We have been looking for him for some time now."
      "I've got some godlike tracking skills. And I might be able to enlist the aid of an oracle or too," Godling says.
      "That sound promising," Drak says. "Let's go to the world above then to see if we can find Luger together."
       They walk outside and witness a huge, green being flying ass first out of a door. Above the door it says Lefty's Bar and Grill.
       They green creature gets up and shakes a fist at the door. He's muscular with big pointy ears and fangs.
       "Just what we need. A drunk ogre," Mina sighs.
       The ogre heard that and turns to her. "What? You talking about me?"
       "Yes, you ugly bastard," Mina says.
       The ogre runs towards her, fist in the air, ready to have it connect with Mina's face. She catches his fist in her hand, lightning fast. She twists his arm with her other hand and throws him over her shoulder.'
       The ogre lands on his ass, hard. That get him even more angry though, jumping at Mina. Godling is ready to help her, but she just catches the ogre by the throat and headbutts him. The ogre slides down and is K.O.
       "You can sure as Hades take care of yourself," Godling admits.
       "You think I'm in charge of security in this place because of my good looks?" Mina says.
       Godling can't help but smile. "Guess not."

Above ground. A dark alley. A woman is getting handed money from a man. She is dressed in a leopard skirt and high heels. Suddenly from the ally a thin man dressed in a long black leather coat steps forward. His hair is long and white.
      "Huh? Who are you? You scared me! You'll have to wait your turn, though. I already have a client."
      "Not any more," the thin man, Luger, says and rips out the man's throat with one quick move.
      "Oh my God!!! No!" she screams.
      From the roof jumps down a black-clad heroic figure, Dober-Girl!
      "It's over, you monster. I've been waiting to catch your serial killing ass for days now," Dober-Girl, the vigilante of Lower Troy says.
      "I'll enjoy feasting on your blood," Luger says and attacks Dober-Girl, slashing at her with his clawlike fingers.
      Dober-Girl jumps back, the nails just tearing away a part of her leather jacket.
      "That jacket is expensive!" she growls and hits Luger in the face. It hurts him, but doesn't stop him.
      With superhuman speed he grabS Dober-Girl by the throat. She kicks him between legs and he lets go. Then she punches him in the face. His nosed bleeds.
      Suddenly he's just a dark bunch of smoke and Dober-Girl's next hit just catches smoke and air. Then Luger becomes corporeal again and is sitting on her back. He sinks his teeth into her neck and rips out her throat.
      Dober-Girl sinks down on the floor, blood everywhere.
      "And now you," Luger says and menacingly slow walks towards the hooker, blood seeping from his teeth.

NEXT: The Hunt Continues!


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