LNH/REVIEW: The Tribulations of Kid Review Special: Powernaut 1988

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Oct 10 22:41:57 PDT 2019

On 2019-10-10 14:21, Drew Perron wrote:
>>> "So, Powernaut 1988. This is a much deeper dive into Superhuman World 
>>> continuity than 1987 was, going right back to - I believe - the 
>>> conclusion of the very first of Scott's original 'Me in the Marvel 
>>> Universe' fics, and connecting it to the overarching narratives of 
>>> the Powernauts and their enemies and allies."
>> You are correct as to the origin of this story.  And it's just as well 
>> that I got around to retelling it without Loki and the Avengers.
> That's fair. (Altho I only just realized, looking back at 1987, how 
> Loki-esque the Hyper-Piper is.)

That is intentional, but anomalous for 1988.  The Hyper-Piper is based 
on Movie Loki.  Auge von Shaitan is the stand-in for 1988 Comics Loki. 
And if I'd really wanted him to look like *that* Loki, he would have had 
to borrow the Horns of Satan.

>>> "And then... oh my goodness. Oh my *goodness*. The banter and 
>>> interactions between Wyatt and the Powernaut! The tiny Sunbreaker! 
>>> 'I'D RATHER DIE! Or go to Wyoming.' Astounding! Hilarious! Fun!"
>> Sometimes my characters play nicely together.  Certainly this bunch 
>> did better than Wyatt did with Thor and Captain America.
> Oh gosh yes, even Steve is far too strait-laced for him.

*Especially* Steve, as of 1988.  And Iron Man is too paranoid, even in 
modern movie versions.  Besides, Tony Stark is not all that well-known 
for hanging out with lowly tech workers.  He still seems to generate 
lots of villains with grudges about that.

I've tried another team-up with him and Wyatt and the entire Avengers 
(http://www.eilertech.com/stories/me2001.htm#conquerorday).  But we may 
rule out seeing anything like that in Powernaut Comics.  Yeah, I could 
bring in a substitute for Kang the Conqueror, but 2001 was a Year 
Without a Powernaut.

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