SW10: Psychovant Teaches American History #1 (the Bison Jumps)

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Oct 7 20:05:49 PDT 2019


It has been noted that Psychovant the Duck could function as a 
relatively normal, sensible, calm teacher of American History in high 
school.  Power City High School in Oregon is hiring for one!  Oregon, 
being largely run by hippies *and* home to the experimental ranch of 
Doctor Fu, is open to the idea of opening more government service 
positions to other species.  And their university is the home of the 
Mighty Ducks.

Psychovant will be teaching an alternate curriculum to most American 
high schools.  (Particularly to those of the 1970s.)  His sessions might 
easily go as follows.

I'm not sure whether to publish this as a series of posts or as an 
infodump.  But "infodump" fits my plan a lot better.  Maybe lots of 
little snippets.  Ideally, with references.  Unfortunately, some of that 
stuff comes from a bunch of town museums.  Fortunately, Psychovant will 
take almost anything as a reference.

(signed) Scott, not Psychovant


Let me introduce myself to you, students.  My name is Psychovant.  Or, 
Psychovant the Duck.  Feel free to refer to me as Mr. Psychovant.  Or, 
Teacher.  Or, Teacher the Duck.

You are all students of Power City High School.  Not Power School across 
town.  I come here to *your* school, to educate those of you who aren't 

Power City is in the State of Oregon.  As it happens, I have a degree in 
teaching from the University of Oregon.  Yeah, I'm an Oregon Mighty 
Duck.  And what with all the aliens and altered races on Earth, the 
State of Oregon has admitted that anyone with proper certification and 
at least human intellect is qualified to teach all you human children. 
So here I am.

... What's that?  You think the U.S. Gov might object to Oregon 
standards about education?  Naaah.  They haven't objected to Oregon 
marijuana, have they?

... I hear I may have some online students.  The State of Oregon 
provides my lessons for free, to everyone in Power City.  They make the 
Powernauts do that too - and their reach goes a lot past that.

Okay then.  Lesson time!  Let's have one lesson right now!


*  Before the white man came, didn't the Injuns live in harmony with the 
land and yada yada?  Well, yeah, but only compared to white men.  They 
just weren't *that* good as hunters.  They mostly fed best when they 
drove buffalo off of cliffs.  (https://allaboutbison.com/buffalo-jumps/)

   -  What's that?  Why do I call the Native Americans "Injuns"? 
Because that was their original names, as far as the white man was 
concerned!  Let's just say, the guy who got here first, thought the 
Earth was a lot smaller than it is.  So he thought he was in Indonesia! 
They called that East Indies, a lot like our West Indies islands.  And 
if I just say "Indians", you'll think I mean people from India.  But 
first...  (Next Lesson!)

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