LNH/REVIEW: The Tribulations of Kid Review Special: Powernaut 1988

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 12:23:42 PDT 2019

Kid Review is sitting on a big pink couch on the ReviewSat. Behind it are rows 
and rows of big jars with various cosmic supervillains stuffed in them.

"...and the RACCelestials were just like 'yeah enbro, we'll just leave all our 
crap at your place for the weekend'?" says Writer's Block Person, looking away 
from the camera. "Sheesh, what jer--"

"Shhhhhh, we're on-panel," murmurs Kid Review with a frozen smile.

"Oh crapbutter!" Writer's Block Person dives down behind the couch, and Kid 
Review sits up straight.

"Well hey there, lovely readers! I'm trying to get back on my bullshit, and the 
best way I can think of is by reading a story I've neglected and reviewing it 
all at once!"

"Hey," says Writer's Block Person, popping up from behind the couch. "the last 
Review Special was Powernaut 1987! What gives?"

"Well," says Kid Review, shrugging. "the thing is, I'm a basic bitch who knows 
what gives my brain some easy bursts of motivation, and the Powernaut comics are 
exactly that."

"Oh, mood."

"So, Powernaut 1988. This is a much deeper dive into Superhuman World continuity 
than 1987 was, going right back to - I believe - the conclusion of the very 
first of Scott's original 'Me in the Marvel Universe' fics, and connecting it to 
the overarching narratives of the Powernauts and their enemies and allies. You 
should also definitely read 1987 first, as this picks up just where that left 
off, with Auge von Shaitan and the head of the Infrared Sunbreaker Choir. (Side 
note: I really like the difference in styles between CGI 1987 Sunbreaker and 
traditional 1988, with the colored lines and everything. Both are Rad.)"

"Wyatt Ferguson, Scott's WC, fuses with Ghost Ri-- er, the Spectral Torch, and 
starts GHOST HACKING. Jeff Goldblatt, AKA the Powernaut, is summoned by SOS, a 
former WWII-era sidekick who now has an *amazing* fashion sense, no lie."

"And then... oh my goodness. Oh my *goodness*. The banter and interactions 
between Wyatt and the Powernaut! The tiny Sunbreaker! 'I'D RATHER DIE! Or go to 
Wyoming.' Astounding! Hilarious! Fun!"

"I really enjoyed this colorful romp, and it really did help my brain get back 
in Fun Mode. Go read it if you need bursts of delight!"

"Oh, nice!" says Writer's Block Person, standing in front of a broken jar. 
"That's exactly what I need... because I'm being devoured by GRADIVUS, SPECTRE 

"oh ffs" Kid Review leaps up and releases bolts of Review Force energy into the 
swirly gray-blue blob threatening to overwhelm Writer's Block Person, and the 
battle is on!

Drew "stage business" Nilium

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