DIVA: Tales of the Holy Mountain #4

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On 2019-05-31 05:16, deucexm wrote:
> A little piece that turned into an allegory about the healing power of music.
> It's something of a Thing in my life.

Heh.  I like to watch the Weather Channel.  Apparently the USA has had 
monster tornado outbreaks for fourteen straight days.  So to me, this is 
about defeating the weather.  Which is a cause worthy of gods.

> ========
> TALES OF THE HOLY MOUNTAIN: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
> by Felix
> ========
> 04 - Revel and ruin: first half
> The first festival was unplanned; it simply happened.

... My Sequel-Sense is tingling!

> The rain had not let up for days, and thick clouds blotted out the sky both day
> and night.  Either goddess could have simply waved it away, but both had long
> since decided to let the weather do what it would without undue interference; so
> it rained still.
> As the sun set far in the distance - the mountain's peak being well above the
> dreary clouds - Shirogami heard the deep beat of a drum from the base of the
> mountain; soft at first, then louder, insistent.  At first she paid it no mind,
> but it refused to die out; and so the White God let out a sigh of irritation and
> descended from the shrine.

Every festival needs a drummer loud enough to annoy the gods.

> "It is time to play the new song," the drummer commanded.  No hesitation in his
> voice, no room for argument; the other musicians offered none, simply readying
> themselves and their instruments.  With a single glance to ensure all was
> prepared, the drummer lifted his drumsticks overhead and struck them together -
> one, two, three, four.

And the whole band had a song ready!

> And with a single, powerful unison downbeat, the Song began.
> And the Song took her and enfolded her, even as she drowned in the fullness of it.
> And the rain hissed to steam as her body ignited, a wreath of flames at her feet.
> And the White God danced in the fire as it rose higher and higher.
> And the roaring flames devoured the rain and the clouds.
> And there was sunlight upon the mountain once more.
> The Song came to a close, and Shirogami dropped to one knee, breathing heavily,
> her face streaked with sweat.
> The musicians said nothing.

I'm guessing a bunch of other people came out and watched too.  Hence, 
the first festival.

I enjoyed this story.

-- Scott 8{D>

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