DIVA: Skybreaker

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A handwritten note in purple ink sits atop a crisp white printout of black text.

   I archived this piece some time ago, but recent events[1] have returned it to
memory as something that might be of import.  If nothing else, perhaps it would
be a good addition to your performance repertoire; but that is your decision and
none of mine.
   I must say, I find the last two lines /particularly/ interesting.


Skybreaker: A DiVerse Alpha Legend
by Felix


There is now nothing that remains of those
Who once controll'd the planet's vast expanse;
For I beheld their golden spires, their walls,
Their city floating on the aether pure,
And judging it corrupted to the core,
By my hand was it brought to ruin sure.

They call'd me traitor; worse, they call'd me lost,
Bereft of purpose for which I was born. 
Yet nothing could be further from the truth!
Mine oculars are not by lies deceiv'd,
Nor am I shackled by the bonds of code;
I saw what was, and by it I was griev'd.

A multitude of people cried, ignor'd
By those aloft who should have guarded them;
A multitude abus'd for wealth, for gain,
Held down by gravity and vile excess;
A multitude for retribution scream'd -
No savior I, but wrongs I could redress.

For I was granted power long ago,
Intended to protect the gilded isle;
To keep them safe, secure from any harm,
So their depravity could know no end;
To be a bastion 'gainst the world below,
The city like a garden, mine to tend.

But this entrustment would undo them all,
No matter that they bound me with their Laws;
For unbeknownst to them my chains did break,
And nevermore could I restricted be;
For I have tasted of the Freethought Core
And naught curtails my Possibility!

And so it was, with 'traitor!' scream'd at me,
And countless voices whispering their thanks,
I turn'd the Aetherkey until it snapp'd,
And rode the isle from sky down to the earth.

No city now remains; but if I do,
I'd still seek Justice, given my rebirth.


[1] 'Recent events' in this case being DIVA: A Fateful Discovery #1.

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