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Tue May 28 17:16:07 PDT 2019

On 5/28/2019 6:10 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
> On Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 5:06:57 PM UTC-4, Drew Perron wrote:
>> This is such a dense period, and even more so after an upcoming project of ours.
 > Honestly, everything that comes after is probably going to be just as dense -
 > I'm working on arcs now for Mancers, Daylighters, and [redacted] that will
 > bring us into March or April of 2015, and that's when things are going to
 > pivot in a major way.

Rad. <3

>>> Beasts the size of skyscrapers attack earth's cities seemingly at
>>> random. They are fought by smaller monsters whose allegiances and
>>> motives are unknown.
>> :D
> I am so excited for this series, Drew!


>>> Blue Boxer (Derek Mason)
>> Big nerd, big sweetie
> He has his moments, and his blind spots.

He's probably a good hugger

>>> Galadriel (Muriel Muunokhoi)
>> I love her
> Gotta bug Saxon to write more


>>> Human Zeppelin (Max Lang)
>> Wonder what he's up to
> Last time we saw him he was wallowing quite a bit. I'm not sure if he's feeling better or not but he's definitely staying out of the limelight.

That's fair. Should also hug.

 > Writing Julie Ann in a "serious" superhero story (instead of the Zeppelin
 > slapstick stuff or the Nonfiction piece) and as a viewpoint character has been
 > a source of absolutely joy for me.


>>> Knockout Mouse (Bethany Clayton)
>> Definitely needs a lot of hugs
> You're not wrong, and she's going to need more of them by the time you're caught up

Oh nooooo ;-; <3

>>> Light Eagle (John Danisee)
>>> BORN: 1965 SPECIES: Human
>>> Mid-level psionic and retired hero. Counselor and fill-in psionics
>>> teacher at Burlington College. Dating GALADRIEL.
>> Seems pretty cool


>>> Medusa
>>> BORN: 2014 SPECIES: A.I.
>>> Benevolent artificial intelligence network made up of separate
>>> self-evolving instances. Radical offshoot of the homicidal GORGON.
>> I love all the hers
 > Thank you for helping me bring all the hers into the world. I think she's my
 > favorite newer character -- one of the hers especially, but I'll leave it at
 > that for now...

Awwwww. :> Absolutely! She's wonderful and worth it!! <3

>>> Mighty Inch (Cal Morgan)
>> The fucking best
> big plans for this tiny angry person

Fuck yeah :D

>>> Rainshade (Claire Belden)
>> An interesting person, no longer gross, still fistshakeable
 > I'm really curious what you'll think of Rainshade after this Daylighters arc,
 > and after the Pulse War in general.

:D I'm really curious to see where she goes!

>>> Tina Wazowie
>> Fuck yes get it girl
> But also don't shrink people without their permission

DEFINITELY also that

>>> Maile Akaka
>> Deserves all the good things
> Working on it


>>> David Collins
>> Needs a vacation, for _real_
> (writing next arc)
> oh my gosh you have no idea

X3 <3

>>> Trevor Jeffries
>> Fascinating. We require more data.
> Thematically he actually serves a purpose in Mancers that Medusa(s) will in Daylighters - just gonna leave that little tease there


>>> June Lash
>> An even better mom friend
> the best cat lady

Absolutely. ^.^

>>> The two Liekes were desperately in love with one
>>> another.
>> They already needed hugs and therapy before this bullshit
> I dunno, I think they were actually like a really stable and well-grounded couple prior to.

It felt like they were good when they were together, but since they split up on 
a regular basis as part of their heroing, they often went into Difficult 
emotional situations as a part of that?

>>> Jamy Lo
>> I love also
> It's like Dr. Fay but in space


>>> Maledux
>> Fuck this guy
> fair - and geez, wait until you get to that  latest Journey Into (which definitely comes *after* Daylighters # 1 - 6 in the reading order!).

Oh god. XD I'm looking forward to it???

>>> Trinity Tran
>>> BORN: 1980 SPECIES: Human
>>> Haematomancer. A fugitive who works for The Company in return for
>>> their protection. Carrying the child of DAVID COLLINS, who she spied
>>> on for CLAIRE BELDEN. Currently keeping tabs on the amnesiac "Angel"
> Keep an eye on Trini - she's like a secret protagonist.

That makes sense. :D Also looking forward to seeing more of that.

>> Drew "it's a good universe" Perron
> I've had a lot of help. :-)


Drew "a lot of good help!!" Perron

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