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On 5/18/2019 7:21 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> For those of you puzzled by the Heinlein references in the bit:
> “Indeed I did,” Patrick answered. “He was a fine Navy Admiral who’d won three 
> skirmishes, officially with pirates, and retired with combat injuries.He wanted 
> to become a writer, but needed to support his family, so he’d read law. A few 
> years later, along came this young lady, about the age of you three, and about 
> as bright, who wanted Heinlein to use bad wording in a California state law to 
> divorce her parents.Her name is under seal; her initials were P.W. Her parents, 
> it later turned out, were truly terrible people. Her case reached the Supreme 
> Court.Heinlein won his case.Congress codified, the Heinlein Act, rules letting 
> adult-competent children divorce truly bad parents.Heinlein then took up 
> writing, full-time, made a fortune, and won the Nobel Prize for Literature.”

*Fascinating*. I've read a lot of Heinlein, and have So Many Opinions, and this 
is... just fascinating. X3

> “There is also ‘literary fiction’,” Patrick said.“Most people don’t like it, so 
> while real, meaning genre, fiction gets the Nobel Prize for Literature, 
> ‘literary fiction’ readers have their own awards, such as the Joyce and 
> Hemingway Prizes.Joyce was famous for slapping together incomprehensible strings 
> of words and claiming they were novels.He was quite mad. The ‘literary novel’ 
> you will all be stuck reading, in twelfth grade, is Hawthorne’s /The Scarlet 
> Letter/.It’s a truly disgusting work, in which a young woman becomes a fallen 
> roundheel and ends up bearing a child, when she is not married. Instead of 
> having the child taken away to be raised by decent people, as would happen in 
> the real world, she is allowed to keep the child, and matters go downhill from 

Fascinating *and* horrifying! <3

> “The Heinlein Act. I want out.” Trisha was now entirely calm.Heinlein had been a 
> Navy Admiral turned divorce attorney and later Nobel laureate writer.It would be 
> unusual for a girl as young as Trisha to divorce her parents, but it had been done.
> “Good,” Patrick said. “Then our family is no longer shamed.” His wife nodded 
> agreement. Everyone else in the room was shocked.

Holy fuck :o I clearly haven't gotten to this part yet. X3

> “Yes.” Trisha stood up, backbone ramrod straight. I felt in her the 
> determination of the founders of Massachusetts, people not much older than 
> Trisha, the people who two millennia ago crossed the continent from Washington 
> to Massachusetts on horseback to create America.


Drew "fascinating and *compelling*" Perron

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