8FOLD: Daylighters # 1 (Annotations)

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Mon May 27 20:58:46 PDT 2019

On 11/4/2018 12:13 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
> The Gorgon was a sentient, self-programming computer virus that wanted
> to destroy all humanoid life. His general modus operandi was to compel
> humans to commit suicide through hypnotic subliminal messages
> displayed on infected computers (and eventually phones and tablets).
> Most human beings had a natural resistance to this, and instead their
> bodies would "freeze" like statues (hence the Gorgon's name).

I still need to write the Journey Into I started where Medusa talks about the 
Gorgon's backstory.

> In August 2014 (MIGHTY MEDLEY # 16), all three Darkhorses implemented
> a plan to defeat the Gorgon once and for all by evolving it into an
> empathetic artificial intelligence that would, in turn, overwrite the
> previous code. The result was Medusa, a key member of the Daylighters.

<Kid Enthusiastic> I helped! :D

> Simultaneously, Vegas was destroyed (MIGHTY MEDLEY # 1),
> resulting in a catastrophic loss of life.

I gotta wonder if they ever got the rest of the Seven Crystal Swords.

> This had much wider-ranging effects, however. The Dyzen'thari invasion
> weakened the walls of reality sufficiently to allow the breaking of a
> cosmic dam in late 2013, unleashing the god-flood into the universe.
> The presence of this primordial annihilator is the inciting incident
> of the RED HART series, and also the wider Pulse War era of the
> Eightfold universe.

Gosh I love The Red Hart so much. I need to re-read it... um, someday, after I'm 
caught up on RACC. X3

> Cal fell into superheroing after being permanently
> shrunk in the DARKHORSE series. Note that said series took place in
> December 2014, and concluded less than a week after this story.

Oh nice! :D


:D :D :D

> When a mob war erupted in Jolt City in late 2008 (JC # 22), Pam took a
> much-needed vacation. Unfortunately, that vacation took her to Las
> Vegas, and she was presumed to have died there when it was destroyed.

Ohhhh, I forgot about that.

> Derek ended up having all the money to himself however as
> Martin died an infinite number of times in an infinite number of
> alternate pasts.

As you do.

> Pam, of course, has returned, and that is something that was planned
> from the beginning. One benefit to writing the end of JOLT CITY and
> the beginnings of the Pulse War mega-story somewhat simultaneously is
> that I could plant seeds in both that will make Pam's resurrection -
> or rather, her not dying in the first place - logical, as we'll see in
> forthcoming installments.

Yes good. :D I love all of this mega-arc you've created, and I'm enjoying 
working in it.

Drew "progressing!" Perron

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