LNH20: Cover Gallery #1001i

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri May 17 19:47:16 PDT 2019

The ruins of a factory. Stage left, Professor Penumbra brandishes his electric 
pentacle. Next to him a sallow-faced man in a gray suit, thrusting his hands out 
with smoky purple energy swirling around them. Stage right are the translucent 
shades of factory workers, lunch ladies, janitors, secretaries, and more, and at 
their front, a ghostly Cheap Costume Man, holding out a piece of solid paper 
that crackles with green energy.

PROFESSOR PENUMBRA: Avaunt, ye spirits! Heed your master, and leave this place!

CHEAP COSTUME MAN: These people couldn't unionize in life, and died from 
industrial negligence - but in death, this union contract makes this their holy 
ground, where their spirits can find peace!

[CAPTION: WHY is the savant of the spiritual arts helping his archenemy, Baron 
Von Kapital? HOW did Cheap Costume Man transcend the physical plane? And WHAT is 
the socialist secret protected by the collective haunting of - SPOOKS UNITED?]

Drew "inspired by https://witches.live/@mal/102114705230322305 " Perron

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