MISC: Super Horse Friendship Force Five! EP#2 "Storm Master ~or~ Five technicolor horses are assaulted by a force of nature beyond their control"

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Super Horse Friendship Force Five!

today's episode:

Storm Master
Five technicolor horses are assaulted by a force of nature beyond their control

It was a beautiful sunday morning at sugar beach as the sun shone brightly into the Horse Corporation skyscraper, directly into the penthouse of our dapper villain.
3vilh0r53 groaned as he woke up, his fez still on his head, "Hopper?" he said before seeing his robotic assistant still in sleep mode, He gave a warm smile and quietly 
began the process of getting up, planning not to wake him. This plan was foiled as loud brass fanfare kicked up and a red cloaked figure burst through his door.

The figure flipped back his hood, revealing some exceptionally flamboyant sunglasses. "Good morning 3vilh0r53, it is I, Storm Master!" Storm Master accented that with the sound of thunder, played from the phone in his pocket. 3vilh0r53 sighed, before gathering his composure and putting on a brave face "Daniels, it's good to see you," 
he said groggily, "A bit early in the morning to be rekindling old flames though, don't you think?"

"3vilh0r53 please, I'm here on business. I stopped trying to reform the storm of our relationship many moons ago." Said Storm Master "Regardless, I am here with an 
official message from the Ultimate Prep Squad," he said as he pulled out a letter "avail yourself upon it's MAJESTY!"

3vilh0r53 hastily opened the letter, sighing with exhaustion as he did. He cleared his throat and began reading "Dear 3vilh0r53, the Ultimate Prep Squad is displeased 
with your performance, as you know if you cannot annihilate your assigned hero group soon, you will be forced to stand before," he took a breath "please pause here for dramatic timing, the Ultimate Prep Squad high council. We understood a normie like yourself might have trouble, but not THIS much trouble, Blah de blah de blah, 
prolonged tangent about how I am inferior because I have no valuable talents" he read as a matter constructor he designed printed him a cup of earl grey tea, which he 
sipped "I await your next failure, Signed, Lord Darkstar"

3vilh0r53 chucked the letter into a nearby drawer and collapsed back on the bed, sighing. "Hopper, reschedule my therapist appointment, it's gonna be a work day." As 
Hopper slowly stirred from his sleep mode, Storm Master had an idea "Pray tell, what are your heroes like?" 3vilh0r53 chuckled as he finished off his tea "A mental 
health train wreck, but bafflingly still beating me every time." Storm Master walked foreward "I, Storm Master" he played the sound effect again "offer you a deal, I 
will handle your little hero problem, in exchange, all I ask" he said, standing pompously over 3vilh0r53 "is a kiss, when I am inevitably more successful than you have been."

3vilh0r53 smirked and sat up, looking Storm Master directly in the eyes, "Fine, you think it's so easy? Go ahead, and I will spend the day in bed." Then he had a 
thought "As a matter of fact, Hopper, pen a memo, all of Horse Corp is officially on vacation, effective immediately. The staff could use a break." Storm Master was already on his way out as the memo was sent out "I, Storm Master" he played the thunder sound again, louder this time "will return VICTORIOUS 3vilh0r53, and I await my reward with feverous excitement!"   

We return to our heroes as they have already embarked upon a far more mundane quest, grocery shopping. Senni "Determination" Argan stood in line at the checkout as the rest of her team browsed nearby shopping racks. "Okay team, we have enough left over for snacks, what do you gals want?" 

Irma "Hard Work" Avaglade sipped her coffee and said "I think we should spend the extra on more ramen, it's more economical" Senni rebutted "Ponies cannot survive by noodles alone Irma, if I have to eat another meal consisting only of ramen I'm going to lose it."

Stacy "Forgiveness" Watts chimed in "None for me thanks, I'm trying to stop eating so much, It's still probably my fault that I stopped losing weight." She said as she 
drank the bottle of water she was having instead of breakfast. Harla "Humility" Hargrave responded "Stacy please, whatever I get I'll share with you. I'll take some 
pretzels, it's ok if you make me pay for them.

Amity "Devotion" Jane trotted up holding a bag of dark chocolate hearts before dropping it and immediately grabbing a bag of pretzels "Yeah pretzels, yeah, what you want is what I want freinds!" she said nervously as Irma picked up the bag of chocolate and put it in the cart with the pretzels. "We can afford both." Said Irma, 
adding a few dollars to the grocery budget.

Senni trotted up with the cart of mostly ramen and pulled out five dollars in pocket change, sliding it across to the cashier "Here you go, this should cover it!" the 
cashier took the money and counted it "I'm sorry ma'am but you are short approximately fifteen dollars." Senni twitched, took a deep breath, then blew it out before responding exasperatedly "Fine, I was wrong, here." She said as she chucked the rest of the money to the cashier, the rest of the team congratulating her on her self control.

As they trotted into the parking lot, a cloaked figure started playing some metal music on his phone. "Hello heroes, it is I, the illustrious" he paused the music and 
played the thunder sound effect "Storm Master!" The music resumed "And I am here to foil your do goodery, ONCE AND FOR" before he could finish he was already 
surrounded. Senni stepped forward "You're kidding me, another one? Why do YOU have beef with us?" Storm Master turned up the volume on his music and tried to stand tall over our heroes "Alas, I have no beef to give you, only VENGEANCE! VOOM PUNCH" He tried to punch Senni in the face before she grabbed his hoof and held it behind his back. Irma chimed in as she pulled out a rather large wrench. "That's a pretty lousy motive, really I don't think we've done anything to you before today."

As Irma lifted her wrench to swing, a bolt of lightning crashed down, scattering our heroes and leaving Storm Master pulsing with energy. "Ah, my friend has heard my 
call" he said as sparks flew from his hooves "now FEEL THE POWER OF THE STORM!" he yelled as he jumped directly at Irma. who just barely blocked his furious punches with her wrench before getting uppercut into a nearby tree, Senni charged him before trying to get him from behind with a left hook. Before she could hit her he dodged 

with lightning speed and grabbed her head "Nothing personal heroes" he said before he slammed her face into the hood of a nearby car "but the forecast says a 100% 
chance of LIGHTNING!" he cackled as Stacy tried to get in close, before she could an arc of plasma shot off from his hooves, chaining between her and Harla who was 
behind him about to knock his lights out, leaving only Amity, curled up behind a car, furiously searching for her contacts.

Storm Master trotted up to the scared pony, floating about an inch off the ground on arcs of plasma. "Now, give me one good reason not to fry you and your friends." he 
said intimidatingly. Amity had no choice but to make an appeal "Wow, so powerful" our heart eyed hero swooned, as she came closer to the now blushing horse "you know, power turns on more than just the lights, namely me. How about you and I ditch these dorks, maybe we could listen to the rain fall down together?" Storm Master was caught off guard and flustered, "Well I mean, if you want to. Nobody has ever" Before he could finish that sentence Amity delivered a kick squarely to his groin, leaving the now disempowered villain laying on the ground as she took out her contacts.

Our heroes collected themselves and returned to headquarters after a quick trip to the hospital, relaxing around the kitchen table and plotting their next move "I'm 
telling you he's a robot" said Senni, drinking a glass of water "no horse I've ever seen can do anything like that." Irma looked up from the laser she was tinkering with long enough to respond. "I don't think so, I've been working with machines my entire life. He is 100% horse." Amity was drinking some homemade hot chocolate as she chimed in "Robot or not he probably won't fall for that again, we need a plan to deal with him if he comes back. I don't know if I'll be useful to you any more then 
freinds." Stacy trotted up and gently rubbed Amity's back "Don't worry, even if you weren't, we would still be your freinds." She said before the smell of food made her 
lose focus. Harla came in carrying a big pot of ramen and peanut butter and set it on the table. "I felt like I wasn't pulling my weight gals, so I made everyone dinner! I hope this makes up for me being useless!" She said before being comforted as our heroes began eating dinner.

Meanwhile, Storm Master was on a boat just off the coast of sugar beach, sailing directly towards a rather ominous storm, as he approached lightning struck around him and distant water spouts closed in and formed tentacles as a plasma filled eye opened, it's double pupils casting a shadow through the clouds as a distinctive voom 
sound whirled in the background.

"My friend, It is I, Stor" Before he could finish his introduction a blast of lightning zapped mere feet from his boat, this one full of malice as the thunder cracked 
for miles around. A loud voice bellowed from the clouds as the eye formed an annoyed expression "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE STORM MASTER, YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THAT HORRIBLE INTRODUCTION EVERY TIME WE CONVENE." Storm Master regained his composure. "Aanyways, mighty Voom, I come to ask" He was interrupted "YES I KNOW, YOU NEED ME TO DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU BECAUSE A MEATBAG LIKE YOU CAN'T SOLVE YOUR OWN PROBLEMS, TYPICAL." said Voom as a lash of malice laden lighting shot out, painfully shocking Storm Master and knocking him off his feet "YOU'RE LUCKY I KEEP HELPING YOU MEATBAG, NOW WHAT'S THE PROBLEM THIS TIME?" Storm Master shakily stood back up, his robe burning away revealing many burned in scars like the new one he had just been given. He spoke, close to tears "Ii just wanted to help out a friend, he hasss a problem inn tthat" before he could finish Voom lashed out another strike of lightning "FRIEND? I'M YOUR FRIEND STORM MASTER, YOUR ONLY FRIEND, HE IS NOTHING BUT A MEATBAG." Before Storm Master could respond the malicious storm was already approaching the city, leaving him in his dinghy in the rough water. "NEXT TIME YOU WILL LISTEN WHEN I TELL YOU NOT TO CHEAT ON ME MEATBAG."

As out heroes finished their dinner a storm warning went out. "A category six hurricane?" Said Senni, having moved to sugar beach comparatively recently "That's bad right?" Stacy and Amity, longtime residents of sugar beach, were rightfully terrified "More than you could possibly imagine" Said Stacy as she grabbed what she could, 

"We have to go, NOW" said Amity, opening the door to the howling wind before immediately trying to close it. "Nevermind we're dead." Harla tried to comfort the girls 


Senni twitched a little and started walking towards the door, Stacy tried to stop her "Senni no."she said as Senni twitched and yelled "FREINDSHIP FORCE, ATTACK MODE!" 

Harla stayed behind to try and calm down Amity and Stacy while Senni and Irma ran for the eye of the storm. "Okay Irma" Senni said as they ran "I need options." Irma 
responded "Senni I don't know what you hope to accomplish here." Senni rebutted "He said I can't stop him, so naturally I have to stop him!" Irma sighed and said under her breath "And you were doing so well." Before searching through her stuff for anything that could combat a hurricane. She pulled out an experimental lightning rod "I guess you could try this Irma-Tech Super-Deluxe Super-High-Voltage-Lightning-Rod, I am gonna go see if I can help the others get somewhere safe." Irma said as she chucked Senni the rod "Good luck" She said as she ran back to HQ. Alone, Senni found her way to the roof of a sturdy looking building before looking Voom directly in the eye.

"Hey thunder breath" She taunted "stop or face the leader of the Freindship Force!"

Voom's eye rotated to face her "FRIENDSHIP FORCE HUH? SO YOU'RE THE MEATBAG STORM MASTER TOLD ME ABOUT. WHAT'S WITH THE BURNS? CAN'T HANDLE A LITTLE SHOCK?" The storm bellowed as it tried to strike Senni with it's malicious lightning. The bolt connected directly to the lightning rod as it became absorbed, charging the machine up and 
causing it to emit sparks from the tip.

Senni smiled a determined smile before charging directly at Voom, which would have worked alot better if she wasn't already standing on the edge of a rooftop, seconds before smacking into the flooded streets below she was grabbed by one of Voom's cyclonic tentacles and held right up to his plasma filled eye as he tried to shock her over and over, each time getting absorbed and charging up her rod further. He screamed "WHY, WONT, YOU, DIE." as he repeatedly lashed out with arc after arc of plasma, each being absorbed directly into the lightning rod. Senni taunted him, waving the rod like a conductors stick "Now now, no reason to get upset, just stand down and I'm sure we can work something" her grip loosened as she dropped the lightning rod, visibly scared "out."

Voom made a crackling hiss sound as he charged up "I GOTTA SAY, YOU ARE THE BRAVEST MEATBAG I'VE EVER DEALT WITH. I WAS GONNA KILL YOU HERE, BUT I'M IN A SPITEFUL MOOD." Said Voom, carrying Senni out to sea "I'M GONNA MAKE HIM WATCH."

Out in his boat, Storm Master was pulling the battery out of the engine, thinking that if he could just get some more power to himself, he could get to 3vilh0r53 and 
warn him before Voom found him. As Voom's eye scanned over the boat, he knew he would need a different plan. "Voom, yyou're back, and I see you have" he was speechless, passed out and dropped in his boat before him was the very hero he had set out to take care of, her scars plainly visible as the wind had torn off her bandages. Storm Master felt something, looking directly at her he could see more of himself than he ever had in the past, furrowing his brow he stared directly at Voom.

"SEE?" Voom bellowed "THEY ARE JUST A SCARRED UP MEATBAG LIKE YOU, AND IN A SECOND THEY ARE GONNA BE TOAST." Storm Master stood tall "You know what? I've had it, I've had all I can take of you and your ABUSE, you OVERGROWN SUPERCELL," he played the metal music on his phone and made a taunting gesture to Voom "HAVE AT YOU!" Voom barely skipped a beat as a bolt of lightning shot out at Storm Master, sparks shot from his hooves as he channeled the energy back into himself, floating on arcs of plasma above the water "WHAT?" Voom bellowed "YOU ONLY GET TO USE THAT POWER WHEN I SAY YOU GET TO USE IT MEATBAG!" the malignant force of nature zapped him over and over again, each time giving him more and more power, Storm Master looked him directly in the eye as arcs of lightning shot from his hooves, wrangling the eye of the storm in a cage of hot plasma "Says who? Because I am in charge of my own power." said the empowered pony as he floated in front of the abusive storm "So says I, STORM MASTER!" A loud crash of thunder burst out across the bay as a blinding flash of light engulfed the area, the resulting shockwave sending Senni back to shore in the boat as the storm dissipated above her head. 

When Senni awoke, disaster bots were already combing the wreckage for survivors as construction bots were rebuilding what buildings they could. Irma and the rest of our heroes ran to Senni's side, shaken but not stirred, our heroes had a group hug on the beach as the sun set. 

Further down the beach, a scarred pony washed up ashore, directly at the hooves of 3vilh0r53, wearing a construction hat under his usual fez.

"Well well well" He said to his longtime friend "was that storm off the coast your doing? I must say speaking through it like that is quite the impressive trick."

Storm Master muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" said 3vilh0r53

"I'm sorry." the pony said, wiping sand off of his broken sunglasses "You aren't lesser than me, and" He took a deep breath "and in an attempt to prove that you were I got in with someone horrible, and I'm sorry for being a pompous cocky asshole who thought he was better than you."

3vilh0r53 planted a smooch on Storm Master's head "That's all I ever wanted you to say." Storm Master blushed as 3vilh0r53 handed him a hard hat "Hopper, hold my calls, we have old flames to rekindle and a city to rebuild." "Right away Mr 3vilh0r53 sir" Said Hopper as the two ponies and one robot went in to help the relief effort and 
another exciting adventure drew to a close.

Tune in next time for another thrilling escapade with the Super Horse Friendship Force Five! Same horse time, same horse channel. 


This is a pretty big tonal shift from the last part, but I am under the impression that it's the good kind of tonal shift, as always feedback is appreciated.

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