LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #105: Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies! Part Four

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Thu May 16 08:31:07 PDT 2019

On 5/5/2019 5:10 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> And Drew Perron returns with #8.  Is it time for Shoe Devil to have a good
> cackle?

It's *always* time for a villain to cackle!

>   "Saxon... wake up Saxon!"
> "Whuh?" he said.  "Do I have to go to school today Ma?
>    I haven't finished making my model of Walter Koenig
> out of toothpicks yet."

Some good humor here, and...

> Saxon's eyes went blank he ran to a gym locker and
> pulled out a spandex suit.  Written across the chest
> were the words `Pointless Awards Man III'.   He put on
> the suit, and hopped into a teleporter.  He beamed
> into LNH headquarters.
>     "Why must we kill Saxon?"said Ultimate Ninja
> angrily waiving his one hand.
>     "Because.... I am... Mind Controlled..... Have Blackberry
> in Hand.... Can't stop... typing..." he said.

I love this. X3 It makes no sense but it's super fun and fits everything this 
cascade has been doing.

> Ultimate Ninja had had enough. "Turn the master of Western Culture's
> Conception Of Ninjutsu into a stick figure, will you?" he shouted,

I'm still very fond of this line

> "Our two-dimensional nature is keeping us from affecting them," said
> Doctor Stomper, represented by a stick figure holding a beaker of
> bubbling fluid.

This too. X3

> "I'll used my X-ray goggles to see his secret identity!" chirruped the
> short stick figure once known as Kid Enthusiastic.  He raised a pair
> of circles to his eyes. "Oh my god!"
> "What!?"
> "It's... some guy I've never heard of!"
> "Give me thaaaaat!"

I'm gonna giggle at my own jokes and I'm gonna feel good about that

> "But Authors can't enter this world except through the medium of
> Writer Characters," said Deja Dude. "Pointless Awards Man III is
> Saxon's WC?"
> "Not quite," said Doctor Stomper. "In that case, he'd appear perfectly
> normal to us.  No, I belive he isn't *quite* Saxon Brenton, the
> Author; rather, he is Saxon's dimensional duplicate from Real Life
> Minus One."
> "Of course!  The Looniversal equivalent of Earth-Prime; a world
> similar to the 'real' world, but accessible by fictional characters!"
> "Exactly."

I feel like I took Jesse's wonderfully chaotic post and managed to make sense of 
it without losing that energy.

> Kid Antibacterial shuddered, as he watched the fate of his teammates
> from the Monitor Room.  They were in trouble... but what could he do?
> Being the child of a cyborg clone of New Look Lass, a time-travelling
> clone of Captain Cleanup, and a superevolved clone of Convoluted
> Origin Man was pleasant enough, and having the ability to produce all
> manner of dirt-fighting products out of thin air was nice... but he
> didn't have the *power* to stop this villain!  If only...

I'm not sure if this worked quite as well? But it's fun. X3

> "Manga Man, can you use your powers on their highly stylized samurai
> swords?"
> "I've been trying for the last five minutes, but--"

Manga Man's actual *powers* have always been kinda vague, but it's cool

> "Not anymore!" And he struck a pose. "I'm Firewire!  And you..." he
> pointed at Saxon/PAM III. "Are toast!"

I feel like this technology reference became dated faster than most. X3

Drew "what even is that" Perron

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