8FOLD: Mancers # 7, "Blood Magic"

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On 3/21/2019 3:21 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
> On Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 1:14:05 AM UTC-4, Drew Perron wrote:
>>>      Something flickers in Lydia's reflection, and Claire immediately
>>> begins to apologize. It's not fast enough; Claire smashes her own face
>>> against the glass. She does this three times. Her nose breaks before
>>> the glass does.
>> Oh I hate Lydia so fucking much. Even worse asshole than Samson because doing
>> this shit within a D/s relationship is Worse.
> Yeah, Lydia is pretty terrible. As you alluded to further down - the Company 
> warps everything, makes every relationship (sexual or platonic) abusive and
> transactional.

Ohhhhhhh. Yes, that's really well-put! <3

> Which, given that it's basically a capitalist death cult dedicated to the 
> destruction of the earth and the amassing of power while speeding gleefully
> toward Armageddon makes sense.

Indeed! @-@ I wonder if we'll see, like... the top of this pyramid? Or if we 
already have...

>>>      Claire closes her eyes. She takes a breath through her red wet
>>> nose, then says her own words with Lydia's voice. "On second thought,
>>> yes."
>>>      Claire opens her eyes, and Lydia speaks through Claire. "On second
>>> thought, yes." (Oh, thank the blue lady. Claire wasn't sure that would
>>> work.)
>> Oh holy crap. :o Fascinating.
> Claire's no slouch.

I both like and hate her.

>>>      And Lieke had just shrugged. Somehow, the door knows. It's magic.
>>> It's easier if you don't think about it.
>> Because the door is someone's idea, as is time~
> Got it in one.


>>>      "Maile," says Sarah. "When we get to your weird house, I need to
>>> talk to you a minute. Privately."
>>>      "About what happened at the restaurant?" says Maile.
>>>      "Well, about one of the things that happened at the restaurant,"
>>> says Sarah, throwing a glance across the room. "Something that doesn't
>>> fit."
>>>      Maile nods and whispers. "I saw it too. I'm working on figuring out
>>> what it means and what to do with it."
>>>      "I might be able to help with that," says Sarah.
>>>      "Counting on it," says Maile.
>> Yessssss. :3
> I hid something in plain sight in issue six, and it matters in issue eight,
> so I wanted to highlight it here in issue seven. :-)


>>>      "It is," insists Lieke. "She always comes back. But I always worry
>>> that this time, this one time will be different. And every time I tell
>>> myself that there's nothing to be anxious about, and every time I'm
>>> right, but it doesn't stop me from getting anxious."
>>>      "I have a feeling that she feels the same way."
>>>      "Yes, she does," says Lieke, smiling.
>> CUTIES ;;;;;;.;;;;;; I LOVE YOU BOTH
> Honestly the two Liekes probably have the healthiest relationship of all of
> them. Or they did, anyway. Working on the next arc now and the fallout of
> their separation is... intense.

Aaaaaaa babies ;.;

Drew "must hug both" Perron

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