LNH20: Writer's Block Person #42: "Unholiday Unspecial"

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 16:51:13 PST 2019

Huge fluffy snowflakes fell merrily on downtown Pittsburgh! But on the scenic 
overlook nearby, a far colder fate was preparing to fall!

There, by the railing, stood a gnarled white man with a long, curling blue 
beard, wearing a gray robe trimmed with sparkling blue snowflakes! Around him 
was an army of chilly monsters! The abominable snowman! The wendigo! A bunch of 
palette-shifted goblins and slimes! Alolan Ninetails!

He cackled in evil glee, as in the background, a dark, minor key version of 
"Walking In a Winter Wonderland" played. "Nyahahaaa! I, the evil Winter Warlock, 
will take the power of snowball fights, hot cocoa, and cheesy sweaters, and use 
it to--"

"IT'S MARCH!" Writer's Block Person ran in from stage right and started beating 
the Winter Warlock with a magical enchanted wiffle bat. "Go! Away! Go away go 
away goawaygoawaygoawayGOAWAY!"

"Ow ow ow! Christ, fine, I'm going!" In a swirl of enchanted rime, the Winter 
Warlock and his monstrous minions vanished.

And then winter was over.



[Winter will return in Captain Ame.rec.a: The Soldier of Discontent! - Ed. (UE)]

Drew "this is canon" Perron

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