LNH20: Cover Gallery #1003i

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 21:03:39 PDT 2019

A toddler wearing Doc Nostalgia's costume is flying up to a billboard which says 
"BUY UNION!" and spraypainting it to say "TAKE CANDY FROM BABIES, LIKE ME!" 
Kathy Jeffries is looking up at him with her hands on her head in a gesture of 
frustration, while her husband, Doc Nostalgia, is looking at a big hardcover 
book titled "PARENTING" and scratching his head in confusion. Behind a nearby 
tree, a mysterious shadowy figure lurks.

TODDLER: Me Nostalgia-Baby destroy faith in America's unions!

KATHY JEFFRIES: Our child has turned evil - for the fourteenth time! And started 
calling himself "Nostalgia-Baby" again!

DOC NOSTALGIA: I thought we got over this with the Cosmic Colic - what happened?

MYSTERIOUS FIGURE: Nyahaha! MASTER CLICHE happened! And now, I'll show every 
super-parent a *totally* realistic nightmare they *definitely* haven't seen 
before - having a kid who turns out Just Bad even though you did everything right!!!

[ WILL Master Cliche bring back the idea that someone can just be born bad, 
despite the many axes of oppression associated with the idea and the evidence of 
decades of psychological research? CAN the Man of Yesterday and the 
Twenty-Fisted Reporter find a simplistic switch to turn Nostalgia-Baby back from 
evil to good? Find out, in-- CLYCHE CLYCHE BURNING BRIGHT! ]

Drew "do you get it" Perron

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