LNH/REVIEW: Kid Review's Roundup #14 - May 2019

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Fri Jun 7 21:06:02 PDT 2019

"Welp," says Kid Review, settling into the big couch on the ReviewSat, "It's 
been a while, hasn't it? But it's time - time to put that feedback energy back 
into RACC!"

"I'm going to try and do this the first Tuesday of each month (since that's what 
my current work schedule makes easiest). But I'm also not going to worry too 
much about schedule slippage - you'll notice that this is being posted... yeah, 
it's technically Saturday at this point. Nor am I going to worry about not 
reviewing enough things; the biggest thing here is to make the writers of RACC 
feel acknowledged and seen."

"I'm going to emphasize new writers, returning writers, new series, writers I 
haven't reviewed yet, and writers I haven't reviewed in a while - in that order."

"So, without further ado..."



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    ><><><> | <><><><  || K I D     R E V I E W ' S ||  ><><><> | <><><><
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    ><><><> | <><><><  || R * O * U * N * D * U * P ||  ><><><> | <><><><
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    ><><><> | <><><><  ||         May  2019         ||  ><><><> | <><><><
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    ><><><> | <><><><  || By:      Drew      Perron ||  ><><><> | <><><><
    =================  -------------------------------  =================

New Comics:
    LNH/LNH20: Cover Gallery #1000i-1001i
    SW10: Powernaut 2014 #3-7
    WWW: Ripping Off King Arthur #283

New Stories:
    8FOLD: Victory #3
    DIVA: Blue Stars ZERO
    DIVA: Skybreaker
    DIVA: Starmetal #1
    DIVA: Tales of the Holy Mountain #4
    MISC: Eclipse: The Girl Who Saved the World (Novel Excerpts)
    MISC: Godling #59
    MISC: Super Horse Friendship Force Five! EP #1-3
    LNH: Ten-Minute Tales #1
    LNH20: Writer's Block Person #44

    8FOLD/TEB: Science-Blades of Terra Alter, Book I
    LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #105-107


Cover Gallery #1000i
A Classic Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] cover
by Jeanne Morningstar

"I love Jeanne, desperately and unstintingly. That is all."

Blue Stars ZERO
A DiVerse Alpha [DIVA] Chronicle
by Felix

"Felix has been putting *monumental* amounts of Good Energy into our humble 
community lately. Her work is full of cosmic joy and wonder, epic poetry, and 
sheer weirdness. And it's also full of thoughtful worldbuilding, where 
real-feeling people create systems and societies that feel equally real, as in 
this work right here."

"A lot of the DiVerse reminds me of Discworld; stories about how the great 
forces of history and society push on individuals, and, importantly, how they 
find levers with which to push back. In this case, we've got an emergency 
response unit that has to deal with a world of superpowers and giant monsters. 
The obvious solution: Start this planet's first superhero team!"

"It's fun, too. A lot of writers would go for a very serious-faced military take 
on this idea, but the Blue Stars administrators feel like the kind of people 
you'd want running a public service - professional, but open, thoughtful, and 
not without a sense of fun; focused on the good of the people they're serving as 
their ultimate goal, and willing to alter their way of doing things to make sure 
it aligns with that goal. (And Megan Mallory in particular is *adorable*.)"

"I know Felix worried about this being all talk and no action, but it's the kind 
of talk that makes you anticipate the action, pumps you up to see it! I'm very 
much looking forward to more stories about Section ZERO."

Godling #59
"The Inspection"
A Miscellaneous [MISC] series
by Jochem Vandersteen

"After a long hiatus, Jochem is back in action!"

"It's been a while since I last read Godling, and it's interesting. The writing 
here is very straightforward - to the point of being simple, being blunt. But at 
the same time, when I read it, I don't feel like anything's been skipped to 
achieve this effect. It's all there, just *simple*."

"That's not to say that more detail wouldn't be nice, but I feel like Jochem is 
free to add it on his own terms; what we have is enough to be getting on with. I 
don't think it'd be to everyone's taste, but having some of this in our mix is 
definitely worthwhile."

"(Also, I feel like I post something like this every time Jochem comes back? But 
I think it's worth repeating.)"

Super Horse Friendship Force Five! EP #1-3
"Macho Mania ~or~ Five technicolor horses murder the concept of gender to gain 
entrance into a discotech", "Storm Master ~or~ Five technicolor horses are 
assaulted by a force of nature beyond their control", and "Astro Not ~or~ Five 
technicolor horses reveal their motives to a misplaced man from misplaced space"
A Miscellaneous [MISC] series
by Annabelle

"Goodness this is a fun read!"

"Super Horse Friendship Force Five! is a parody of slash homage to slash 
pastiche of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with the cute personality-clash 
shenanigans of that show turned up to eleven, featuring protagonists with 
straight-up no-shit mental illnesses. This is the kind of thing that could easy 
go into cynical pseudo-nihilism, in the vein of so many Adult Swim shows; but 
the narrative really cares about these messed-up horses, and their surprisingly 
compassionate enemies."

"Annabelle's writing is chaotic and messy - and full of energy, life, and smart 
humor, recalling to mind some of the best of the early LNH. Underneath the loose 
style, there's a deep Understanding of how to tell an engaging story, and it 
carries you along with momentum and style. Plus, check out those titles! Those 
are some hella stylish and hella smart titles!"

"I hope Annabelle sticks around for years to come, because oh goodness this is a 
lovely energy."


Drew "smooches for Jeanne" Perron

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