HORSE/ACRO: Super Horse Friendship Force Five! EP#6 Yes Malady ~or~ A technicolor horse suffers technicolor trauma

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CW: Swearing, Sexual Assault

Super Horse Friendship Force Five!

Today's episode:
Yes Malady
A technicolor horse suffers technicolor trauma

It was half past midnight at the St Horse mental hospital. 3vilh0r53 was seated in Doctor Boris's office with Hopper keeping lookout at the door as the good doctor stepped in, his revolver in a leather holster at his hip. "Good evening Mr Horse, how are you?" he said, taking a seat. 3vilh0r53 responded "Oh please, Doctor, no need to be formal, you can call me Evil." Doctor Boris wrote something down on his notepad "As much as I try to make my patients feel comfortable Mr Horse, I don't think referring to you as evil will help your mental health" the psych said as he put his pencil behind his ear "Now, how are you feeling?" 3vilh0r53 sighed and responded "If I'm being honest, not stellar. we made a break in the case and" the psychologist gently shushed 3vilh0r53, knowing exactly where this was going "No no, we will not entertain these paranoid delusions" the good doctor leaned back in his chair "Mr Horse, this, hallucination you keep having is too wildly over the top to be anything but a figment of your imagination." he carefully brought his pencil from behind his ear and started scribbling on his notepad. "She isn't real Mr Horse, she can't hurt you." As he said that the door was blown off of it's hinges, sending Hopper flying into the drywall behind him. A sultry horse in a nurses uniform explicitly too tight for her strutted through the doorframe with a swaying sashaying gait. "Aww Horsey, did you miss me? I missed you, now be a good boy and" the sultry horses eyes glowed pink as she stared directly into 3vilh0r53's grey eyes. "SUBMIT" she growled as all at once a specially built mechanism inside 3vilh0r53's fez kicked into action, making her eyes stop glowing as she pouted playfully "Aww Horsey, why do you gotta ruin my fun? I was just going to" 3vilh0r53 cut her off and jumped to his hooves, hiding behind the chair "I know exactly what you were going to do, sssSUCCUBUS" he stammered as Dr Boris cocked his revolver and aimed it at her head.

"All this time, I thought you were too extreme to be real. Mr Horse, I'm sorry to have doubted you" he said, keeping the revolver trained on her head as she sensually walked up to him "Aww that's cute" she said as her eyes glowed and the scent of roses filled the air. Suddenly Doctor Boris wasn't in the mental hospital, he was back home as a child, watching old cowboy shows with a toy revolver trained firmly on his fathers forehead. "Sport" his dad said calmly and chuckled "put the gun down, I'm not a desperado" the far younger Doctor Boris set the apparent toy down beside him at his father's request.

3vilh0r53 watched on in horror as the sultry she horse kept his psychologist entranced, as well as sneakily grabbing the revolver for himself should the need arise. Her eyes stopped glowing as she commanded the psychologist to sleep, leaving him to crumple to the floor as the glow faded from her eyes "See? He wasn't difficult Horsey, why can't you be a good boy like him?" 

3vilh0r53 kept his fez firmly on his head as he stared on in terror "What are you here for yyyou, you" he stuttered as she responded "Ah ah ah, you'll learn in time Horsey, just know that by the time you figure out, you won't be able to do a thing about it." she let out a feminine sultry laugh as she turned to exit, making sure he got an eyeful of her massive ass "Ta ta Horsey." she said as she trotted tauntingly away, leaving 3vilh0r53 to cuddle Hopper for some sense of security.

Meanwhile our lone hero, Senni "Determination" Argan was entering a boxing ring as a crowd cheered and a pair of familiar voices spoke over the announcer system. 


The Enigma swapped in "You've seen her solve the trust torture test in The Enigma Zone!"


The crowd roared as the two brothers introduced our hero's final challenge "I HOPE YOU'RE READY FOR SOME SANITY, BECAUSE IT'S TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT!" "Give it up for the TRUE leader of the SSS&S squad!" "CHAD, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORSE!"

As the crowd cheered sparks shot from the ring across from Senni, a cocky sunglasses wearing horse fingergunned the crowd with a pair of robotic boxing gloves mounted on his back. He stood across from Senni, shorter than her but still intimidating with the boxing glove assembly and security guard uniform. "Well well well, looks like somebody almost made it out of here. The rules of my challenge are simple, you win when you admit that you can't beat me." the cocky horse smirked at our twitching hero as she started preparing to wrestle "Oh it is ON, I am gonna beat this thing so hard." The bell dinged as our hero and our augmented villain lunged at each other, the ringing bell soon giving way to an alarm blare as 3vilh0r53 came on over the intercom.

"Code red, this is not a drill, I repeat THIS IS NOT A DRILL, evacuate immediately! There is a malfactorous mare on the premises and she is to be considered highly dangerous." there was mass panic as the crowd rushed out, leaving Senni and the SSS&S squad to follow behind.  "Everybody get out, ESPECIALLY YOU boys, get out and get as far away as possible, I've already made arrangements for you and the staff, just GO." he continued as the three very scared foals made for a flying limousine piloted by a robot chauffeur, leaving Senni to exit on her own. 

Trotting cautiously through the abandoned mental facility a nurse jumped Senni from the shadows with heart eye contacts, pulling down a surgical mask she revealed herself to be Amity "Devotion" Jane.

"Senni!" she said, overjoyed and in one of her dorky fake accents "I've been camped out here for DAYS waiting for the perfect opportunity to spring you from this place, now's our chance, lets RUN."

Senni was confused and responded "But you only left for coffee an hour ago?"

Amity was just as confused as Senni "Coffee? I don't drink coffee." she said as another Amity trotted up behind her carrying a hot cup of coffee.

The two clones looked at each other in surprise "Don't listen to a word she says Senni, she's obviously an impostor!" the heart eyed Amity said as the coffee toting Amity groaned "Are we really doing this bit? Fuck it, it's too late in the evening for this. Senni why are you talking to a potted plant?"

The scent of roses filled the air as Senni looked at the heart eyed Amity, now a potted plant, before jumping back startled. The remaining Amity sipped her coffee as her eyes glowed "Now now" she said calmly as her words echoed in Senni's brain "You were just hallucinating, I'm the real Amity."

Senni defiantly ignored the words echoing in her brain and looked the fake Amity directly in the eyes "How stupid do you think I am?" she said as she assumed an intimidating pose.

"Well it was worth a shot." the fake Amity said as she pushed the real Amity away, pounding stripper techno music filling the air "With the masquerade broken I might as well reveal myself" she said, striking a pose as a somehow sluttier pony took her place in a tight nurse's uniform "Miss Malady, at your disservice! Gosh you must hate me SO much right now!" she said with a shit eating grin on her face.

She was right, Senni hated her more than she had ever hated anypony else right now, lunging directly at the rose scented villain. Before she could make contact Miss Malady dodged with barely a nanosecond to spare, not even spilling her coffee. "Aww cute, I love it when they fight back." she clapped her hooves together as glowing eyed clones of Senni's entire team emerged from the ground, all of them lunging at her. Senni dodged punch after punch they mimed from their sultry controller. Suddenly they froze,"Stop, Dance break!" Miss Malady said, leaving her fake friendship force to dance in sync as Miss Malady cackled at Senni's confusion. "Okay back to the BLOODSHED!" she said as they all tried to dogpile Senni, who dodged at the last second before getting caught in the fake Stacy's waiting hooves, who pulled Senni in for a tight kiss, leaving the disoriented horse confused long enough to get a knee firmly lodged in her crotch and sending her flying into the rafters of the now burning hospital. From this vantage point Senni made a leap directly at Miss Malady, landing one good punch on her nose as the unaware pony screamed in pain, dropping her hot beverage. "Maybe you don't understand" she said, pushing her nose back into the right shape and bringing both her and Senni high up into the air "this is my world you're trapped in bitch, I control everything," the floor beneath Senni began speeding away faster than she could run "EVERYTHING!" she cackled as she left Senni tumbling down through an endlessly tall burning tower.

Some time later Senni awoke in a heap on the non rose scented floor with a fez on her head. 3vilh0r53 stood in the background, fezless, giving her a salute and a wink before making a break for it.

Miss Malady futilly tried to force her powers on Senni before noticing the fez "Awwwwww" she sighed, disappointed "of course Horsey had to spite me, however" she said, turning her attention to the only exit the room had "as one set of legs closes, another opens." she then bounded gleefully out of the room and after 3vilh0r53.

Meanwhile 3vilh0r53 was in a panic, sprinting full speed to the control room he found his emergency fez behind glass hanging from the wall.  Searching fruitlessly for something to break it with he went to punch the glass with his hoof. Mere inches from breaking the glass he froze in place, with the scent of roses thick in the air.
"Aww now I can't have you ruining the fun again now can I Horsey?" she said to the paralyzed 3vilh0r53 as he futilely tried to scream. "I could make this quick, but we both know" she leaned in and whispered in his ear "I want you to suffer." She threw him to the ground and ripped his expensive suit off with her teeth before mounting herself above him, about to do goodness knows what when she heard a gun cock.

Not a second later her brains were splattered against the wall as Senni dropped Doctor Boris's revolver and helped the now mobile 3vilh0r53 up. "Are you okay?" she asked as 3vilh0r53 frantically pulled the fez from her head and put it firmly on his. "Ttthat won't stop her for long, we have to go, NOW" 3vilh0r53 responded as Senni was the voice of reason for once "But I just blew her head clean off, how does that not stop her for long?"

Before 3vilh0r53 could answer a wormhole opened up in the control room, out of which marched an entire orchestra with some theremin players, playing what could only be described as a death march to announce the arrival of a tall pony in dark powered armor and a dark cape, stepping out as the orchestra returned from whence they came.

"HOOOOOORSE!" the campy pony said with a slight monotone "What is this mess? I gave you three weeks to get results with this "rehabilitation" program. THREE WEEKS!" he stomped his boots "SO WHERE ARE THEY?" Miss Malady popped up behind him in a skin tight space cadet uniform "The results are right there Lord Darkstar," she said as she pointed to the red stain on the wall that used to be her head "This so called "Rehabilitated" hero splattered my brains against the wall! They aren't over this heroic bullshit!" she said, watching intently as everything fell into place. "Horse, what do you have to say for yourself?" Lord Darkstar said as 3vilh0r53 was busy recollecting himself and Senni was busy hiding herself. "You see," 3vilh0r53 said as he regained his normally composed demeanor "she was sabotaged! Besides, we've rehabilitated thousands of heroes and she's the only one who's ever had a relapse! According to my math that's a 99.998% success rate!" Lord Darkstar let out a loud laugh as he slammed a hoof on the table nearby that quickly morphed into a buzzsaw "That's rich, that makes all of this A FAILURE!" the imposing pony said, pulling his buzzsaw from the table and holding it up to 3vilh0r53's chin "I don't think I need to remind you that euthanasia has a 100% success rate, as such from this point forward THAT is what we will be using Horse." Lord Darkstar said, turning to exit the same way he came in as his sultry companion turned back to smirk at the defeated looking 3vilh0r53. "Aww cheer up, I've only destroyed SEVEN of your many attempts to atone for your father's sins! I'm sure that next time you try I TOTALLY won't destroy it again." she said as she trotted over to him, standing over him as she gloated. "You feel that? It's called despair. give in to that feeling." As she said that Senni had already retrieved the revolver from the floor and had it pointed directly at her.

"Now now," Miss Malady said, raising her hoof "no need for that, I'll let myself out." she walked to a nearby window and opened it, turning to wave as she stepped into the frame "Ta ta horsey." she then fell to the ground from the high window with an audible crunch.

Senni went to console 3vilh0r53, who pushed her away, he was basically crying as he turned to the screen and started undoing the security alerts, starting to shut the hospital down for good. Senni tried again to console the befezzed malefactor "It's okay, if you need to talk I'm here for you, alright?"

3vilh0r53 and Senni stayed in the control room together, despite his best efforts she was determined to be there for him, and with Hopper down for repairs he had no other option than to humor her. "Alright, what did you think of the gauntlet?" he asked, hoping to keep his mind off of current events, she responded "It was very on brand, but are you sure your children are the best hosts?" he took a deep breath and responded to her response "My boys have been competent since the day I finally gained their trust and helped them work through their extensive parental issues, besides they are mostly just presenters for the real tests, even if they did play a hoof in the design process." 3vilh0r53 chuckled "Elias was sooo excited to show me those blacklight tricks he cooked up that I just had to integrate them." he said, waltzing through memories as he shut down power to the gauntlet. Senni fawned "Awww that's legitimately adorable, I almost feel bad for fighting you so much now." 3vilh0r53 turned to her "I've always wondered, what's your beef with me specifically?" Senni explained happily "Your real estate company is causing massive gentrification!" 3vilh0r53 put his hoof to his chin, swapping the console behind him to an internet browser he quickly searched the term "gentrification", mere seconds later he had his answer "Goodness me!" he said with an expression of legitimate shock "That's a thing?" he turned and hugged Senni "I'm sorry, I never meant for any of that to happen." he realized he was hugging his archnemesis and backed off "Well this is going to make the next fight awkward isn't it?" Senni was beaming "Not really" she said "because now there doesn't have to be a next fight."

3vilh0r53 smiled warmly before his smile faded with an exhausted sigh "No, now I am sort of duty bound to kill you and your" he stopped himself mid sentence "You know what? Fuck that! In fact fuck the entire Ultimate Prep Squad! How about we fuck them up together Senni? Those malicious malefactors won't know what hit them when we storm their prissy prep school hideout and kick their collective flanks!"

Senni twitched slightly, but thankfully cooler thoughts prevailed as she took a deep breath and let it out. "Sounds like a plan, friend."

3vilh0r53 called a helicopter for them both to return to Sugar Beach in as the night drew to a close.

What will become of our heroes and villains? Tune for the answer in the next part of this thrilling escapade with the Super Horse Friendship Force Five! Same horse time, same horse channel.


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