LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #113: LNH vII #1 Real Ultimate Power

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer2 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 20:59:10 PDT 2019

On Monday, July 22, 2019 at 5:43:38 PM UTC-7, Tom Russell wrote:
> Oh man, LNH volume 2! This brings back memories - some of them good! Some of them not-so-good! In particular I'm pretty embarrassed by my #10, which was mostly well-intentioned but very ham-handed and very clearly written by a straight man who didn't really understand women, LGBT folks, and his own privilege. (Actually, Arthur, if you could just skip that one when you come to it in the rotation, I would very much appreciate it!)

I was going to protest because I was thinking, 'Hey, wasn't that the big 14th anniversary issue
which i have fond memories of.'  But checking the archives the issue that you wrote that I
really liked was issue 12 not 10 which I don't have any memories of.  So, okay.  I won't post
that one.  People can of course check the archives if they want to read it.  (And of course
check the archives for all those gonzo Master Blaster issues that I'm also sure you don't
want reposted.  :))

Arthur "Ah, good times.." Spitzer

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