HORSE/ACRO: Super Horse Friendship Force Five! EP#5 Rehabilitation Gauntlet of DOOOOM ~or~ Two technicolor horses have a falling out.

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CW: Swearing

Super Horse Friendship Force Five!

Today's episode:
Rehabilitation Gauntlet
Two technicolor horses have a falling out.

The moon hung over the St. Horse mental hospital as our heroes trotted down the hall.

Amity "Devotion" Jane let out a yawn and adjusted her nurse outfit "Senni shouldn't we stop and get some sleep? I don't know what a rehabilitation gauntlet of" she raised her hooves up to do air quotes "DOOOOOOM entails, but whatever it is, wouldn't you be better at it well rested?"

Senni "Determination" Argan kept walking with seemingly boundless energy "I'll sleep when I'm dead, or more ideally when I get home and can sleep in a bed without restraints keeping me tied to it Amity." she said, stifling her own yawn "Now where is the-" Before she could finish she smacked face first into a nondescript wooden door labelled "RGOD-1: Mathmatidrome" 

Amity gently pulled our determined hero off of the door before reading the plaque for herself and letting out a sigh "Is he always so needlessly theatric with you?" 

Senni stood up and responded "Yep, you too as a matter of fact, gosh I hope whatever they gave you wears off soon so we can get back to being heroes!" Amity chuckled with a twinge of fear in her voice as she and Senni stepped through the door. The room was built like a school auditorium, full of computer monitors and keyboards humming beneath cheesy synth background music and displaying complex algebraic equations as a young pony in a grey hoodie, red bow tie, and thick glasses stood at the stage, taking a microphone out of his pocket protected pocket and turning it on."

"Welcome to the rehabilitation gauntlet of DOOOOOOOOM students! It is I, Mr. Mathmatical! Leader of the SSS&S squad and operator of your first rehabilitation challenge!"

"SSS&S squad?" Senni questioned, as the short horse responded "Yes, the Super Son Security and Sanity squad! Dad tasked me and my brothers with making sure all you former heroes are ready for society again, but regard-" Mr. Mathmatical said as he fumbled his microphone, dropping it on the floor and picking it back up as fast as he could "But regardless, it's time for your first challenge students." As he pressed a button on a remote just like his father's, spotlights illuminated every computer console from above "Your task? Proving that brain of yours is in tip top shape with the most fun subject of them all" he said, excitement in his voice "MATHMATICS!"

Amity brought her hoof to her face and let it slowly slide down "Come on Senni lets go, the door doesn't even look locked." she said as Senni had already ran to the nearest computer, typing away at the algebra on screen. Amity let out a long sigh as she got comfy and prepared for what looked to be a very long night in the worst possible way.

Meanwhile on the other end of the hospital, our befezzed villain was on a hunt for a different kind of knowledge. 3vilh0r53 rounded a corner and walked into the mailroom. "Good evening everyone!" he said as Hopper hovered in behind him, carrying a clipboard. The staff were all happy to see him as he came to the front of the room. "I'm sorry about the lockdown we're currently under, I know you all would rather be back with your families, but not to worry, I have my best stallion, myself, working to fix the issue. Now Hopper, explain the situation if you don't mind." he said, adjusting his fez.

"Right away Mr 3vilh0r53 sir!" Hopper said as he sprung into action. adjusting his spectacle like eyes "At approximately 0600 hours this morning, a forged letter was delivered to Doctor Heinrich's office, written by someone impersonating Mr 3vilh0r53, and instructing the good doctor to do things that would sabotage a very important patient's healing process." Hopper said, pulling the wax sealed note from his clipboard and holding it above his metallic head "Is anyone familiar with this letter?"

Not long later one mailpony waved them over to her station, "I am gentlemen." she said, pulling a ripped envelope beneath her desk and bringing it to 3vilh0r53 for inspection "It arrived inside this larger envelope, I didn't think much of it at the time but I planned to report it when I clocked out tonight." 3vilh0r53 eyed the envelope and had Hopper hold it for him, it was definitely sent from somewhere else. the return address was for his old prep school, the Horse Academy for the gifted, although now he knew it more firmly as that place he let the Ultimate Prep Squad hold their meetings in. As he read the return address and attached name, he snatched the letter out of Hopper's robotic hands, desperately hoping he had misread it. As he confirmed he had not, he put on his best fake smile "Good job, you did so good that you get a bonus once this whole mess gets sorted out," he said, backing out of the mail room uncomfortably" this will help alot with the investigation, thank you." 

As he rounded the corner out of the mailroom his expression turned to panic "Hopper you don't think the sabotuer could be" he paused and gulped "Her, do you?" he said with fear in his eyes and voice.

Hopper nervously adjusted his tie "Doctor Heinrich has explicitly instructed me not to entertain these paranoia spells Mr 3vilh0r53 sir, but current prediction models are not looking good." he said as they trotted down the hall and he floated after them, both of  them quite a bit shook,

Meanwhile our heroes were nearing the end of their mathmatical adventure as Senni punched in the last answer, wiping the sweat from her brow and looking at Mr Mathmatical with that classic determined look in her eyes. "Is that all you got schoolboy?" she taunted as Amity sat in the corner, boredly flicking through a magazine. 

"Impressive student, you've passed my portion of the gauntlet with flying colors." he said, sticking a golden star sticker to her face "Gold star! I'll see you on the other side." he said, turning to her as he retreated behind the curtains "and uh, good luck!" Amity put away her magazine and Senni beamed before trotting through the doors to the next challenge. Before long they found themselves in a pitch black room.

"Did the power go out?" Senni said inquisitively as Amity trotted onwards "No, knowing him this is probably some challenge about sensory deprivation or something." she said as she leaned on the wall and smirked "What, don't tell me you're afraid of the dark now too?" she said as a blacklight clicked on, illuminating a silhouette of a dark horse with a glowing white tie and sunglasses. She jumped at the sudden brightness.
A series of blacklights illuminated a series of silhouettes, culminating in four of them illuminating a pony in a black bodysuit and white apparel 
"Good evening my uh" the dark horse paused to flip through the official 3vilh0r53 hero taunting thesaurus " equine expediters! Sorry about that, I don't exactly have dad's bottomless vocabulary down yet. Anyways welcome to the lair of, THE ENIGMA! THE MOST MYSTERIOUS HORSE! and of course, the LEADER of the SSS&S squad!" Amity let out a long sigh as she stepped towards the illuminated pony "Let me guess, your challenge is about "Knowing the unknowable" or some bullshit like that." 

"No my" the enigma said as he read directly from the thesaurus "malvocabularous mare! My challenge is in fact the LEAST complicated of all of them." He said, pulling out his remote and pressing a button as a door behind him was illuminated "You may continue UNIMPEDED!" he said, happy that he was starting to remember some of the bigger words. 

Senni walked up to the door and eyeballed it as well as she could in the blacklit room "Amity I don't trust this" Amity retorted agreeably "Yeah can you really trust ANYTHING you hear around here?"

The Enigma pressed another button on his remote as a warm light illuminated behind some of the black curtains hung around the room "Very well my post heroic patients" he said incredibly satisfied at the wordplay he was starting to get. "Take all the time you require to solve this most MYSTERIOUS of MYSTERIES, for now I shall retreat to my innermost inner sanctum," he said, sliding behind the curtains and audibly plopping himself onto a bed.

Not long after Senni opened the door, seeing nothing remarkable on the other side as the young dark horse came out behind them "You solved it! I want feedback how was it? Do you feel more sane for having taken the leap of trust? Is my act mysterious enough oh gosh I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!" The Enigma said in a very excited tone as Amity pushed Senni through the doorframe "Your shit was dumb kid, give up on your dreams." Amity said as Senni poked her head back through the doorframe "Very cool, but maybe write up some wordplay ahead of time, that's what I ended up having to do to match your dad." Senni said as our heroes trotted down the gauntlet, The Enigma very excitedly wishing them good luck as they did.

Amity looked at the upcoming challenge, displayed on a marquee "One night only, two ponies enter, both leave mentally healthy in The Duel of Determination, a subset of the rehabilitation gauntlet of" she took a deep breath and exhaled exasperatedly "Dooooooooom." she then turned to look out a window and then to Senni "These windows are just glass, I could break one and then you could do some heroic bullshit and we'd somehow land safely on the ground" she said, letting out a yawn "or not so safely, honestly i'm willing to chance the broken leg at this point so I can be done with this bullshit." Senni was literally bouncing with energy as they neared the door to the next challenge "Come on Amity, were almost done, and if we give up now" Amity paused her and spoke in an annoying voice "Yes yes if we give up now that's admitting we can't complete it and you're not really in control of your life blah blah BLAH, I have had it up to HERE with your mental damage Senni. You can complete this next challenge on your fucking own, I am gonna go get some fucking coffee. See you on the other side bitch," Amity fumed, walking through a staff door and leaving Senni alone. Senni had never seen anypony so mad at her that wasn't her dad, but ponies do weird things when they're tired, so she wrote it off and pressed onwards to the final challenge.

Is Amity okay? Tune for the answer in the next part of this thrilling escapade with the Super Horse Friendship Force Five! Same horse time, same horse channel.

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