HORSE/ACRO: Super Horse Friendship Force Five! EP#4 Burn ward ~or~ Two technicolor horses attempt to escape a mental hospital

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CW: Implied Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Light Swearing

Super Horse Friendship Force Five!

Today's episode:
Burn ward
Two technicolor horses attempt to escape a mental hospital

The bespectacled psychologist walked down the halls of the St Horse mental hospital, adjusting a tape recorder and stopping at door #316

The psych flipped a switch on the recorder as he opened the secure door "Doctor: Boris Heinrich I.H.D., Client: Horse Corporation, Patient: Senni "determination" Argan, Age unknown" He said, resting the tape machine on the table between him and Senni, who was restrained to a stretcher "Patient is unsedated and fully aware. Good morning Senni, How are you today?"

Senni strained against her restraints "You know you and 3vilh0r53 can't keep me here FOREVER!" she said loudly.

The psych was unphased "I assure you, I am not personally associated with Mr Horse, and we very well can keep you here if you keep up that attitude Senni" he said, writing something down on a notepad "Now please, answer the question. How are you today?" 

She responded, exasperated "I guess I'm alright, I'd appreciate if I wasn't tied up and was back with my freinds."

The psych scribbled on his notepad "I apologize, but the restraints are there for your safety" he pulled a revolver from his holster and cocked back the hammer "and our 
own." he then set it down on the table "You and your "freinds" will be released together once you are rehabilitated, so please, try your best to cooperate.

Senni struggled again before taking a deep breath, and exhaling. "Fine." she said, trying her best to control herself.

"Very good Senni" said the psych "this is some impressive progress after only three weeks." he wrote more in his notepad and flipped the page. "Now, are you aware of the root cause of your condition?" he said inquisitively, "Being tied to a bed almost constantly for, wait how long did you say I was in here?" Senni said before being rebutted "While that may contribute, I believe the base cause of your Heroism is deep rooted childhood trauma," He said, adjusting his spectacles "Don't be ashamed, most of our patients have some degree of trauma as the root cause of their condition." he said as Senni looked increasingly uncomfortable "Now I want you to tell me," he said, sitting down in a chair "can you remember any events that may have lead to this?"

Senni squirmed against the restraints "No, what are you talking about? I don't have any childhood trauma." she said, with a horrible case of childhood trauma she was pretending not to have.

The psych sighed and crossed something out on his notepad "Senni, I'm going to give you a piece of advice: Never lie to a psychologist." he said as he pulled a key ring from his pocket "However, if you don't have any childhood trauma, there is only one possible cause" he said, deep in thought as he unlocked a safe on the wall, removing a very scary looking machine "degenerative horse disease." He clamped the machine to her stretcher and positioned it above her head "The only cure is a prefrontal lobotomy, so I am going to ask you one more time." he said as he turned on the machine, a loud mechanical whine filling the room "Do you have any childhood trauma?"

Senni hyperventilated but kept her cool, at least as well as anybody strapped to a stretcher with a very scary looking machine strapped above their heads could keep their cool"Okay fine I do please don't cut my brain!" she pleaded as he turned off the machine and stowed it back in the wall safe. She took some deep breaths "It all started" she closed her eyes "with my family."

The evening sun shone down on a very large house on the roadside, well away from any organized civilization. Down the highway was a young blue horse with a very heavy backpack and some impressive drawings almost falling out of it. 

She opened the door "Mom, Dad, I'm home!" she said excitedly as her older brother walked by, combing his mane. "Hey squirt, what you got there?" he said as he pulled her up by her backpack, trying to look through it "Let go of my stuff Brad, I have something I wanna show Mom and Dad. And my name is Sunny." Brad laughed "Whatever you say squirt, and really? You think she has time for you when she's making US dinner? HEY BROS, SQUIRT IS HOME!" as he said that a football team worth of Sunny's younger brothers ran down the stairs. Brad pretty easily pulled her backpack off of her and chucked it to the crowd. Sunny looked distressed "Do you have to play football with my stuff EVERY day?" She said as Brad caught and passed the backpack in one fluid motion "How else do you stay on top of the heap if you don't press the heap down once and awhile squirt?" he said as he messed up Sunny's mane. From the distance one of the crowd yelled "Go Long!" at Brad, chucking the bag and missing by a country mile, shattering a mirror on the wall. 

The crowd fell silent as the smell of cigar smoke filled the air and a scream of "BOYS!" was heard from the stairs as her very angry father descended the stairs. "Bradivarius I swear to god, that mirror is worth more than YOU, MY ROOM, NOW." Sunny's father said, directing Brad upstairs to await his punishment as he removed his belt. Sunny was already reclaiming her backpack and pulling out the drawings to show to him. "Dad I wanna show you something I made at school today!" she said as he spoke without turning his head "Is it football related? Don't answer that I know it isn't. I'm not interested." he ascended the stairs. "That's okay!" Sunny said optimistically "Maybe later, imma show it to Mom!" she trotted to the kitchen.

The kitchen was full of smoke, steam, and the scents of food as her mother was busy cooking dinner for the family. Sunny's mom darted back and forth like a hummingbird, checking pots and pans and dishes with a wooden spoon she kept tied in her hairbow. "Mooom, I'm hooooooooome" she said before her mother responded, tasting some senate bean soup for salt "Very nice honey, how was school?" 

Sunny rustled through her stuff before pulling out the crumpled drawing "I drew this while I was waiting outside the principles office today, see?" she said as she pointed to a crayon drawn horse with bandages on her hooves "Her name is Senni Argan and she punches evil and she never takes no for an answer, just like the heroes on the news!" Sunny's mother pulled an apple pie from the oven as she responded "Oh that's lovely, what's her power?"

Sunny beamed as she responded "Determination! She's the leader of a team of heroes at that beach town we went on vacation, I haven't drawn them yet or given her a birthday but I'm sure Dad will be able to help me." Her mother's ears perked up as she set the pie on the windowsill "Sweetie your dad is in a bad mood right now, he isn't responsible for his actions because of that, and I don't want you hurt. Promise me you won't" before she could finish Sunny was already on her way up the stairs.

Her father sat at his desk, pouring himself a tall glass of rum and relaxing in the shag carpeted study with a cigar, at that time Sunny walked through the door. 

"Daaaaaad, Can I show you the thing now?" her father dropped the cigar from his mouth as his face morphed into a scowl and stood up, letting the burning carcinogen land on the dense carpet "SUNNY, WHAT DID I TELL YOUR MOTHER ABOUT LETTING YOU KIDS BOTHER ME WHILE I'M TRYING TO UNWIND?" he yelled as Sunny curled up into herself and the tinder laden room caught ablaze "I HAVE HALF A MIND TO PUT YOU USELESS MARES OUT ON THE STREET, CAN'T A STALLION RELAX AFTER A HARD DAY OF DOING EVERYTHING FOR THIS FAMILY?" he said, raising his hoof to hit her "I SWEAR I'M" he was cut off as the fire burned through the roof, leaving it to crash down on him as Sunny scrambled away in fear and the fire quickly spread throughout the house,Sunny ran for the front door before being cut off by a falling beam. Confused and scared she ran for her room, clutching her drawing as she hid under her bed and screams emanated from all around her. She curled up in a ball and cried to herself "I" she sniffed, the smoke filling her room making it hard to breathe "I can't get out, I'm gonna die here." she said to herself, accepting her fate and nuzzling her drawing protectively, wishing more than anything that she could have a hero to save her.

In her despair something clicked, the fire around her was outshone by the fire burning in her twitching eyes "Who told me I can't get out?" said the determined horse as details of her past life burned away, leaving behind only the fireproof hero inside her. She dropped the drawing and looked at the fire blocking her doorway, seeing not an obstacle, but a challenge. "Oh wait,  I said that. Well" she smirked a determined smirk and faced the blocked doorway "time to prove myself wrong!" she said as she stepped back and charged through the burning wreckage, finding out very quickly that while her personality was fireproof, her quickly charring body was not. Every pain was seen as another challenge as she broke down doorways and walls, punching her way out of the crumbling house.

"Anyways after that I told the fire department my name, Senni "Determination" Argan, and wound up at Sugar Beach" said Senni, still restrained in the stark exam room.

"Very interesting" Doctor Boris responded "And you don't remember any details about your life before that day?"

"None at all" Senni responded "Not even my birthday, I uh" she tried to hide her face "I just pick a day at random every year and buy a cake."

"How tragic." Said the psych dryly as he stood up from his chair "I'm sure that over a few months, we could definitely work through this personality disorder." he said, pressing the nurse call button "But sadly, I am on a tight deadline for you specifically." A surgical masked nurse walked in carrying a few bottles of medicine "As such, an appropriate amount of oral Zapto should take care of your memories. It will be like a whole new start." He said as he walked out the door "Goodbye Senni."

Senni struggled against the restraints as the nurse walked up to her "Now now, don't struggle" The nurse said in a familiar voice, before pulling down her mask and revealing herself to be Amity "Devotion" Jane "it'll be so much easier to undo these if you just sit still."

"Amity!" Senni said overjoyed "You came to save me!"

Amity chuckled "Well they don't call me devotion for nothing, now hurry, I found where they're keeping the others." she said before our two heroes ran for the west wing of the hospital, as they neared the door the ground began to shake. A very evil voice spoke behind them as Amity pulled up her mask to disguise herself. 

"Well well well, look who's out and about." said 3vilh0r53 from a screen being carried by a flying robot, Hopper being displayed on a slightly smaller screen being carried by a slightly smaller robot. "Technically speaking she is still in the hospital Mr 3vilh0r53 Sir, but I'm sure you're aware of that." 

3vilh0r53 adjusted his fez "Regardless, you won't be escaping that easily. there is only one way out" He said as he pressed a button on his remote, illuminating giant neon arrows down the hall, pointing directly to Doctor Boris' office "REHABILITATION!" 3vilh0r53 cackled "That's right, you won't be getting out of here until you're a stable and healthy individual you overcooked oaf!" Senni twitched "You won't contain me 3vilh0r53, just try and keep me here for your EVIL, I dare you!" she said as 3vilh0r53 turned to the console to his left. "Oh I'll do more than try" he pressed a button "Hopper, be a dear and wake up the Carrybot in the west wing for me." he said as Hopper started tapping away at his console. Before our heroes could react the entire west wing of the hospital was lifted off of it's foundation by a building sized robot. 

Amity exhaled in frustration "Of course he wouldn't let it be that easy" she muttered under her breath as 3vilh0r53 cackled madly "Maybe you can just brute force your way through everything out there Senni, but you're in MY world now. So go back to your room, and do what the doctor says, see you on the other side friendship fool!"

Amity glared as the floating robots carried away the screens "Senni?" she said as Senni was a twitching mess on the floor, who she picked up and helped to her hooves. 

"It's ok, calm down, we're gonna get out of here and show that fez wearing idiot why you don't mess with the friendship force!" Amity said encouragingly. Senni took some deep breathes and responded "Okay, lets do this, I'm ready!"

Doctor Boris was busy arranging his desk as our two heroes burst in through the door "Okay doc, I think I'm ready to be healthy!" Senni said as he put away his things. "I admire your enthusiasm, and since the nurse thinks you are alright to be unrestrained, I'd be happy to administer the test." the psych said as he pulled a very boring looking piece of paper out of a filing cabinet behind him. "Now remember, there are no wrong answers, let me say that again" he smirked "You can't answer incorrectly."

Senni froze up and started twitching as she said "WWwwhat do you mean I can't?" Amity jumped in "One moment doctor, I and your patient need to discuss something." she said as she pushed the twitching horse out into the hall. 

"Okay, what was THAT bullshit? I knew you were damaged but I didn't know you were THIS damaged." Amity said exasperatedly.

"Well" Senni said, slowly calming down "he said I couldn't answer wrong, so naturally I HAD to answer wrong." Amity slapped her hoof against her own face "So what you're telling me is that just because he said you can't, you have some deep seated need to prove that you can?" Amity said as Senni nodded "Yup! You must be on some strong medication to have forgotten that about me Amity!" she said as she rubbed Amity's back "It's okay, I'm sure you'll get better." she said as Amity smirked "And I'm sure you can't finish that mental health test!" she said, leaving Senni to twitch. "Bitch" Senni said as she started walking back into the psych's office "if this wasn't completely necessary for our progress you'd be off the team for this."

A minute later Senni emerged from the office with Doctor Boris "I have never had a patient turn around so quickly, congratulations Senni." he said as Senni basked in his praise. "Oh thank you doctor, now where are my friends? Maybe my progress will inspire them to do better!" the psych sighed "They all passed before you did and are further down the rehabilitation process." Senni groaned "Process?" she said as Doctor Boris pulled a crumpled up piece of paper from his pocket and read something off of it "Technically speaking we are supposed to call it the "Rehabilitation gauntlet of DOOOOOOOOOOM" but I find that name discourages our patients." the psych said as he put the paper back in his pocket "But yes, you should meet up with them as you go forward. Good luck out there!" he said as he closed his door, leaving our two heroes to proceed onward as another day drew to a close.

Later that night in a cramped control room, 3vilh0r53 was busy watching screens as Doctor Boris walked in.

"Mr Horse? A moment please." said the psych as 3vilh0r53 turned to face him. "Oh Dr Heinrich, what brings you here? my appointment isn't until tomorrow." he said as Dr Boris adjusted his own tie. "I just wanted to formally thank you for the techniques you suggested in that letter you sent to my office, at first I thought the new deadline you gave me was unreasonable, but thanks to the "make up a fake mental disease and threaten them with a can opener" trick along with the other methods you suggested, Ms Argan has made some wonderful progress!"

3vilh0r53 suddenly looked very scared "What deadline? I told you explicitly that the entire "Friendship Force" was to be given as much time as was necessary, their problems were deep seated and required the gentlest of hooves." Boris soon shared his fear "That letter was given your official seal Mr. Horse, I have it right here." he said as he handed 3vilh0r53 a letter, sealed with the Ultimate Prep Squad official seal in wax. "Doctor, I have never written a letter in my life" said 3vilh0r53, standing up to pace "and If I did I would use a modern envelope like a normal pony. It seems" he said, sitting back down and putting the entire hospital on high alert

"we have a sabotuer in our midst."

Will our heroes ever fully reunite? Tune for the answer in the next part of this thrilling escapade with the Super Horse Friendship Force Five! Same horse time, same horse channel.


Sorry it took so long to get the second arc started, personal issues and the like got in the way on top of a horrible case of "It's not ready yet" syndrome. Regardless I hope you all enjoyed! I'll try to get the rest of this arc out in a timely manner, so stay tuned!~

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