DIVA: End of an Era #5, Epilogue

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Mon Jul 8 08:35:34 PDT 2019

The end of End of an Era: just a simple, relatively short epilogue, but it does
connect some rather important plot points.  I'm rather pleased with how this one
turned out - and now I can continue other pursuits, now that this isn't nagging
at me...

End of an Era: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle 
by Felix 


EPILOGUE: Heart of Darkness

In the depths of a massive black hole, the fragmented pieces of an entity that
called itself the Devourer shrieked in frustration and denial.

Oh, it would have been glorious!  Such glorious ruin, to dismantle this feeble,
vulnerable playground until nothing remained but Nothing itself - to upset every
last plan and endeavor of every sentient being in existence, and savor the slow
death of a doomed universe!

It was still possible...

Well, /anything/ was possible, given enough time.  And the Devourer was nothing
if not patient.  Still, to have come so close to possessing the powers of a
Chosen One, only to have it snatched away at the very last moment - all the
manipulation and scheming, all its plans reduced to nothing!

Worse than nothing, in fact.  For every fragment of the Devourer was bound - had
to be bound - to something; and in the depths of space where there was nothing
else, it had but a single option.  Binding to the singularity was impossible,
for the Devourer would have to eat away at it, and it couldn't harm itself - and
so all that was left was the Other.

A weak thing, just as fragmented, and devoid of the all-surpassing power its
former self had.  And worse, what awareness remained opposed the Devourer at
every turn, so that every step, every motion was a battle, a struggle - an
/effort/.  The Devourer /hated/ effort.  Far better to let others do the work;
but that was no longer an option.

So the Devourer, full of enmity, fighting every step, began slowly eating away
at the heart of darkness, the singularity that held it captive - that would do
so for a long, long time, but not forever.

But in a thousand thousand fragments, a thousand thousand voices gently whispered:

~ told you we would dance ~

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