8FOLD: Daylighters # 5, "Dark Future"

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Jan 30 20:20:31 PST 2019

On 2019-01-27 19:19, Tom Russell wrote:

> In the half-second it takes Julie Ann's eyes to flutter open, she has
> three thoughts simultaneously. This isn't anything new or surprising;
> one of the perks of being an alien with two brains is she has a lot
> more processing power than a human with only one. (One of the
> downsides? Double migraines.)

One thing I like about this story, is how it treats its Leading Hero of 
the World.  (She's your Superman-counterpart, right?)  We can see her 
advantages, and how other heroes look up to her, and how well the heroes 
work together.

>    Claire turns toward the sound. There's a woman in something that
> looks approximately like Claire's own costume, carrying an umbrella.
> It's the same umbrella that Claire has on her own person - the same
> exact umbrella.
>    "I'm you from the future," says the woman.

I'm not sure what to make of Claire.  I guess I'll keep reading and find 

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