LNH20: Writer's Block Person #41: "Insert Clever Title Here"

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 11:01:49 PST 2019

Writer's Block Person sighed as they stared at the half-finished Google Doc for 
the next issue of Writer's Block Person. It was a really good idea with a strong 
emotional core, but they'd had it half-finished for months, only rarely being in 
a place to engage with those strong emotions.

("Only rarely being?" Ugh, what an awkward phrase.)

And it had been winter for months and they were just *so* low on the energy to 
confront. And every time they got it up to do so, they spent most of their time 
catching up and they never had time for moving forward blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

they flopped on the floor next to the desk.

Whisperion knock-knock-knocked on the window. WBP siiiiiiiiighed and rolled 
across the floor, pulling themself
up and unlatching it and pushing it open.

"Writer's Block Person!" she shouted. "We're having a huge battle right down in the

Come and help!"

uff. Okay well maybe this would be something they could focus on instead of 
writing. Even tho they wouldn't have time for writing after probably...

They shook themselves out. "Right, of course. HENSHINSPIRATION!" They let the 
energy of transformation lift them up to a stand, put the momentum in place, and 
started running for the door.

"Uh," said Whisperion. "It's a dark magical energy thing, so you should use your 
heart emoji form."

They stopped, and sagged, and felt the momentum dissol

"Okay, no, sorry," they said. They took a deep breath, trying to channel more 
energy than they felt. It... only kind of worked. They pushed forward and held 
up the pen.

"Emoticonversion..." The heart formed in the air... flickered, flickered... 
moved towards them...

Fell on the floor and smashed into pie

"uh," said Whisperion. "Hon I should probably run and help them, you just stay 
here and take care of yourself, okay?"


"I love you. See you after." She closed the window and ran off.

this shit

can't never can

take a breath

fucking relax

ypu don't have to do it all

there's a team

she's your *friend* s dammit

it's okay and you are fucking okay even if you don't finish everything you did 
something you added to the world and people value that, your enthusiasm and love 
carries them along and helps them do their part which helps you do your part, 
stay in the loop even a little bit and I promise, things will be so much better!

Writer's Block Person pushed themselves, painfully, to their feet, and stood up. 
"That's right! Even if I can only do part of it... part is better than none!"

"Anything worth doing... is worth half-assing... over not doing it at all!" They 
held up their wand. "EMOTICONVERSION! CODE POINT <look it up>!" The pieces of 
the Heavy Black Heart emoji rose, stutteringly, into the air, swirling around 
the central point, glowing bright red; Writer's Block Person's armor glowed 
golden in response, washing out the details, and the emoji-pieces flew into the 
air and SLAMMED into their chest!

When the light faded, Writer's Block Person's armor was covered in golden 
cracks, with the gem on their chest being in the shape of the broken heart 
emoji, bordered in gold with gold running thru the crack. They posed. "Even 
though I started this and didn't continue it-- it's time to finish it!"

"...oh dangit, I still need to feed the cat..."

ran out and joined the battle.

Drew "" Perron

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