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It's time to share the Coming Attractions again.  But mostly it's the 
same attractions I wrote about last time.  So, I'll just make this an 

On 2018-07-25 17:40, Scott Eiler wrote:

> Publication schedule:
> *  Inter-series break.  I often take four weeks off.  But it could be 
> less, because I'm working so hard on Powernaut Comics.  Or it could be 
> more, because I'm expecting some life drama in September.  Will I become 
> a vagabond, living on the road...?  It's happened before!

And it has happened again.  I'm still a vagabond, but I have at least 
landed in places where I can give proper effort to the drawing of 
comics.  And I am now armed with a new high-resolution computer, which 
displays the original Powernaut Comics at 500% magnification.  That 
makes editing the old-style comics interesting.  So wherever I've 
already started higher resolution (1988 and 2013), I'm committed to 

> *  Powernaut 1988.  Thirteen issues in which Auge von Shaitan summons a 
> weird combination of forces against Our Hero...  I have proven my 
> ability to publish from the road, if need be.  Last time, I visited the 
> Grand Canyon by day and I worked on Powernaut 1966 by night!  This time, 
> it'll probably be Mount Rushmore by day.

And it was.  And I did somehow finish that series, on the road.  I thank 
all my friends who didn't mind my dragging my computer onto their 
dining-room table (or whatever) while I was being sociable.

> *  Powernaut 2008.  I have declared the little-known text story 
> "1-800-POWERNAUT" to take place in that year.  It's worth a two-issue 
> adaptation.  I might fit that story in before end of 2018.  There will 
> be another 2008 series later.

Artwork on 1-800-POWERNAUT is complete, and production is underway.  It 
will be two issues, probably published in March of this year.  A 
follow-on series is still planned; that will explain how the Powernaut 
gets to his 2009 state wherein Skyhawk is around and Karl Scribner is not.

1-800-POWERNAUT was written for Tom Russell's "Little Legion of Doom" 
challenge.  With great menace upon the Earth, why would any superhero 
reject a cry for help?  Especially the Powernaut?  Well, this is why. 
This may be the story that made Tom take back the whole challenge.  But 
finally its time has come.

>  But first, probably...

... Well, something is still first after 1-800-POWERNAUT.  Let's go 
straight to that.

*  Power School 2014:  Who Are the Powernauts?  In my travels, I 
discerned the need for a new Powernaut Comics introductory series.  I 
don't think I can replace Powernaut 2005 ("Who Is the Powernaut?"), and 
I shouldn't even try.  But I can at least put out a new version which 
refers to all of known Powernaut continuity - and some new clues to 
what's coming.  Most importantly, this series will try to answer *why* 
there are Powernauts, in a way that a casual reader can understand. 
Artwork and production are underway, and I'm preparing for publication 
beginning April or May of this year.

The first four issues of this series will make a good "Free Comic Book 
Day" handout.  But this episode will be open-ended.  I've already 
plotted seven issues.  After those, it will take questions from the user 
community!  *That includes you, RACC.*  So... any questions?

The natural narrator for this new series is Paulie Poderr.  But 
Psychovant the Duck would work too.  So I'm planning on *both*, plus the 
Doom Bear.  Is doom coming for Earth-Power?  Well, this particular Doom 
Creature thinks so.  That will be Power School 2014 Episode 2.

As ever, I plan to swap between episodes.  Probably this next thing is 
still more important than Powernaut 2008 Episode 2.

> *  Powernaut 1989!  The Powernaut of that year will have some more 
> amusing adventures, against foes of increasing power.  I feel the need 
> to charge forward with this arc, albeit in 2019.

And that is still the plan, albeit in the latter half of 2019.  In 
particular, it falls upon Powernaut Comics to tell the full story of the 
Doom Bear.  Powernaut 1989 and 1992 will together take it to when the 
Doom Bear first died.  The 1992 series will be spectacular, like the 
other long Powernaut series to date.  With him appearing in two 
different eras of Powernaut Comics, 2019 really could be the Year of the 
Doom Bear.

After all this, I will need to do the remaining Powernaut 1990s comics. 
I have some spectaculars planned for that.  I'll mix those with other 
stuff as it comes up.

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